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I am glad to have you here and If you are coming here after reading our first blog, that’s good because you must have got an idea about the topics that we will be discussing in the upcoming blogs and if you haven’t read it, I would request you to go through it and so that you have more clarity in thoughts before we begin the journey to find our Inspiration.

If you are reading this blog it assures me of one thing, that you are having some questions in your life whose answers you haven’t found and sometimes you did, but they were not satisfactory enough.

In my opinion, having questions in your mind is a very good sign. It means that now your mind is more alert and awake then it was before. It is the first sign of being aware because if we are not aware of what is happening in our life, we would never question it.

Just like you are having some questions, I too had, not just some but loads of them and I cannot claim that I found all the answers but I did found answers to a lot of questions and that is the purpose of writing this blog, to share those answers with you.

Life is a mystical journey that we all are taking, and as we move forward into it, it certainly brings a lot of questions in our minds. Having questions about the intricacies of life is an integral and essential part of our lives in order to develop and upgrade our understanding of nature and the existence of life. So, before we talk about anything else let’s dig into the importance of having these questions and see why they are so important for us.

Being alive is a beautiful gift that we all got for free but in the course of life as we proceed we all come up with a lot of people, situations, and experiences that leave an impression on our minds. Sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant and sometimes leave us with lots of doubts and questions which keeps on piling up in our memory, rarely to be sorted and mostly to be buried down and finally to be forgotten by us, just because we were not able to find a reliable person or a reliable source which can help us find answers to these questions. 

One small yet significant thing which I understood about these questions is that the quality of our lives depends so much on our ability to find answers. 

These questions are like knots on the timeline of our life and if we are able to find these answers, it’s like removing these knots and setting ourselves free. One more thing that I observed is that we can never be completely satisfied with the answers that come from the outside. If you understand what I mean by that statement consider yourself lucky that you are at least aware of your questions and your life situation and if you don’t understand it, you don’t have to worry because this is what this blog is about, to help you understand these small yet important things in our lives.

Let me quote it again :

For all the questions related to the world outside you can find an answer outside on the internet or in the books or seminar.

But what about these questions which are come from our inside.

for eg : 

Where is my life going?

Why I am not happy?

What’s is missing from my life?

What’s my purpose?

And the most dangerous one WHO AM I?

and the list just goes on and on.

Let me explain it a little more, suppose you found an answer to one of these important questions of your life that were troubling you from the inside, and the answer seems reasonable and somewhat convincing, it will still feel less and incomplete and at the end, you will not be satisfied with it, and I am sure you must have experienced it sometime in your life, especially when somebody was giving you life-saving advice from his/her personal experience with all his heart and soul but you never felt that connection with it, as much as the person giving it, because the answer came to you but it didn’t come from you.

And to understand the reason behind this feeling of something missing and dissatisfaction we need to understand that the place from where the question is coming ie. inside is exactly the place from where you will find the answer.

Didn’t get it, let me explain.

In the universe that we exist right now, everything was created in polarity, in a pair. Just like sun and moon, good and bad, white and black, yin and yang and similarly the question and the answer. And it means that they were not independent but interdependent on each other just like two sides of the same coin always linked back to back and complimenting each other. And this applies to questions and answers as well.

In short, the question and the answers come from the same place, it’s just a matter of time that you figure that out.

The good thing about these questions is that if we are aware, they offer us an opportunity to explore the parts of our self, our lives, our being and our very own existence which either we have forgotten or we are yet to explore.

And if we are not aware they can leave us in a vicious loop making our life’s experience unpleasant, sadly which is a reality for the majority.

And the fact that somehow you found your way up to this blog certainly indicates that you are also looking for some answers to these questions that have been going in your mind for quite some time but you don’t know exactly what, when, where and how.

And just like I’ve quoted before, that

Now I don’t know whether you believe it or not, but I am pretty sure and convinced that you were being guided here by some invisible force, which you can choose to call it God, Angels, Spirit, Higher intelligence, Infinity or what I love to call it Universe, you have to believe into that higher power so that you can take this journey with full faith.

This is the whole purpose of writing this blog, to help you with the tools, tricks, methods, processes, practices, and techniques which will help you to find that inspiration inside you, that will enable you to find those answers yourselves without depending on anybody.

It’s not something that I randomly believe in, its a personal experience and I live my life by this quote which I wrote long back in my diary, that is – 

Maybe this is the place where I’ll be delivering you that message that the Universe wants to convey to you.

After spending a lot of time reading about questions, you must have started thinking about some of these questions and also about finding their answers, but still confused because you do not know where to begin. 

In my opinion, before you start finding answers, you must find your inspiration, and this also brings up a series of questions like

Why do we need inspiration?

Where do we find it?

How to find it?

So, before we begin our quest to find out answers to the questions above, let’s understand the topic of Inspiration in-depth, which is our next blog, titled 

For now, I would suggest you take a break and grab a copy and a pen and write down all the thoughts that are going in your mind, regarding this blog, regarding your life or whatever is going in your mind.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourself and your family so that I can have the privilege of having your amazing company one more time at The Infinite Inspiration.

Take care

See you soon 

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  1. Sophie says:

    Thank you for your blog. I’m sure that i will discover new things, new perspectives about all these questions about LIFE !
    The lastest question which came to me was about love. Universal love.
    Thank you for all that you are going to share with all of us ! Thank u for inspiring !

  2. Nakula says:

    It’s really well put together..insightful..easy to read…

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