What is Inspiration?

I am sure that you are reading this post after reading the previous post which was about “Questions” and got a little curious to explore further and if you haven’t read it, I would request you to read it so that you can connect to the topic of this post with more clarity.



the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

So, before we surf into the infinite ocean of inspiration, let us first understand what it is exactly and how I found my inspiration.

For me, inspiration meant the act of getting motivated by somebody’s actions or achievements and using it as a stimulus to achieve our goals.

So far I was totally unaware of the importance of this word and also the impact it was going to have on my life.

It all started with a little bit of yoga, meditation. My self-exploration into my mental and emotional well being got deeper. After I started practicing mindfulness there was an upsurge of awareness in certain areas of my life and the curiosity to learn more increased suddenly. This is when the habit of reading books was initiated in my life. In 2018 I read 5 books and 2019 was the year in which my count had reached up to 42 books. I was reading a spectrum of topics all interlaced to one thread, “Life”, and while reading, I developed an understanding of a lot of small yet important things about life.

It was then when I started understanding the relevance and the significance of “INSPIRATION”.

Unlike the conventional definition which refers to inspiration only for doing creative or unique things, as per my personal experience and understanding, inspiration is like an invisible force that has been helping, supporting and guiding the great mind but whole human species. It has been present right from the times when humans first appeared on this planet, maybe from the moment we opened our eyes in this world. It has played a pivotal role not only in the context of humans as a race but also as individuals.

The greatest example of finding inspiration is also the simplest one if you remember how Newton found gravity. I think even he wasn’t aware of the deep impact of this small fruit falling on his head.

It was simple yet life-transforming for humanity.

If we talk about inspiration in the terms of the earliest of the human species, they might have seen something like sun, or moon, or a firefly, or a rock that inspired them to create things like fire, wheel, tools, and the Acheulean Handaxe.

If we talk about the current times, right from an infant who starts crawling with an urge to stand up and walk without support, to a child who wants to grow up strong just like his father, to a student wants to become an astronaut, to and Soldier who stands at the borders night and day to protect his country, to a teacher who educates children for successful careers, to a traveler who wishes to see different places and cultures around the world, to a painter who dreams of creating a masterpiece, to a musician who wants to touch million hearts with his music, to a Businessman who aims at standing out and ahead in the market, to a writer who creates a world of its own through his words, to a scientist who wishes to change the course of humanity by his inventions, to an astronaut who wants to explore outer space and the mysteries of the universe, to the greatest visionary and reformers who seek and work hard to make this world a better place and many many more.

We all need Inspiration. In short no matter who we are, where we come from or what we do or what stage of life we are in, we all knowingly or unknowingly need inspiration, because inspiration is something that pushes us to explore all the possibilities of experiencing who we can actually be.

Inspiration is like a hidden source of energy that is always around us in almost everything that we encounter, ready to point us in the direction in which we can find something new about the world and ourselves. Inspiration is where all the creativity in the world begins, it’s the first step towards achieving the greatest of tasks as well as the smallest ones that we do as a part of our daily routine.

Why I mentioned inspiration to be an invisible force in our lives because it provides us with strong mental and emotional support for whatever task that we are looking forward to achieving. It not only shows us the beginning but also the direction towards which we should take out the first steps but also guides us through the path which chooses to take.  It’s like the presence of our family or friends who are not always present physically but their presence gives us that extra push to keep going in our difficult times.

 Sadly for most of us especially in the kind of scenario of society we live and the way the world in which we live, operates, keeping up positivity and having faith in something, itself seems like a challenging task and in the walk of life we find ourselves to be stuck in this cycles of losing hope and then finding it again and then again losing it and this is exactly the place where we need to find inspiration to keep our spirit up to keep us going through that low phase with the right attitude.

There is also one reason why this website/blog is called infinite inspiration and not infinite motivation.

And if you’ve noticed the initial two letters of inspiration, it starts with “IN” because it points us towards the source from where it originates, that is inside.

Whereas motivation always comes from the outside. Either from a loud pitched motivation speaker who just by his sheer presence and the delivery of his uplifting speech gets our energies high but as soon as we reach home the effect of the speech slowly fades and after some time we again find ourselves to be in the gloomy state where we were.

Motivation can come from a movie, or books, motivational quotes, or friends or  DVDs or seminars but no matter what the source is, sooner or later it is always going to get over.

Motivation is like charging yourself from a power bank, which has a limited capacity to charge your device 2-4 times and then you again have to get it charged so that you can charge your device. It does help you but it comes with its own limitations. 

Whereas inspiration is like having your own powerhouse from where you can access as much energy as you want without depending on anybody else for the recharge.  

In the current situation of the world, which we all are facing together ( The CoronaVirus pandemic) we are all locked down in our cozy homes worried about this whole corona situation, not knowing when exactly it is going to end. We are all standing face to face with a lot of doubts and questions not even knowing how to deal with it, and it has become imperative to find inspiration to keep our spirits up and also of those around us So that we can go through these times of crisis without being affected by it, physically and mentally.

And this is what this blog is all about. It will help you to find that inspiration. It will also help you to build that mindset and that attitude through which you can start sorting out the areas of your life one by one, all by yourself without depending on anybody else’s tricks, ideas or procedures.

Because following somebody else’s process will never help you to embrace your true self, and in order to find those answers that are coming from deep within you will have to look within yourselves.

It’s more like a DIY (do it yourself ) project because that is the only thing that’s going to help you in the longer run, by establishing a foundation of self-reliance by systematically working and inspiring yourself.

If given a choice I can talk about the inspiration for hours and hours, and write 100 more pages but it still will be less, so rather than just talking,  I will try to guide you so that you can experience the power of inspiration yourself, just like I did. 

After reading this blog you must have got a little idea about what Inspiration actually is and what role it plays in our lives.

If the answer is yes, then pat yourself, give yourself a big round of applause for your efforts and to this small beginning and if you still think something was missing, I would encourage you to take it a step further and do a small research by yourself to gain more clarity on this subject.

After all, you are the best person to help yourself.

Now I am sure certain things have started to become clear but still, and you are thinking that now I know what is inspiration but still I don’t know why I need it and where and how to find it?

Well in that case our next blog is about that only.

Why do we need Inspiration ??

In the end, I am really grateful to you for spending your precious time and energy in reading this blog and after reading it, if you’re feeling even little positivity or curiosity to explore more, then consider it to be a great sign that something inside has been touched and all you need to do is, get ready to begin this journey of finding our true inspiration.

P.S – I would really appreciate if you could take out some time and give some honest feedback or suggestions about the things you liked or didn’t like about this blog and the ways in which I can improve the quality of the content and make it better for you and also the topics which you want me to cover in the upcoming blogs. 

Take very good care of yourself, cya in the next blog.

Thank you

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