Why do we need Inspiration ???

Alright, it looks like the curiosity to know more is rising up, which is a very good sign.

After reading the previous post I hope now you have got an idea about inspiration not just as a tool to elevate your mind but as an invisible force that can transform your life and if you haven’t read it, I would request you to have a look at it so that you feel a better connection with the topic discussed in this article.

Coming back to the topic you must be wondering that now I know what inspiration is but still not clear whether it’s the inspiration I am looking for or something else like happiness or peace of mind.

If you are thinking why do I need inspiration now? I am doing quite well in life at this moment and I am not sure whether I need it, thank you.

I am sure that in this time where you are locked down inside your luxurious house with all the necessities and thinking about all the things that you want to do but you are not able to find that encouragement and falling short on ideas on what, where and how to start and this is one of the reasons you need to find some inspiration.

Let me tell you it’s not just now but we have been drawing inspiration even before we knew what it was.

Take a look back to life, when we were small we were drawing inspiration from our parents. We were stalking every activity they were doing, the way they were eating, talking, walking, cooking, shouting, pampering, interacting, going to work, coming from work, doing house chores and so many little things including the way they loved. For many of us our Dad used to be a superhero, little girls wanted to dress up and look like their mothers. We used to mimic our grandparents and always loved listening to those stories which inspired us to believe in magic.

Remember, acting like that crazy cartoon character which we still love and cannot forget, becoming our favorite superhero and saving the universe.

In school, we all had one teacher who we used to hate but we also had the one whom we always admired. There was one student who used to be very good at sports, one who was a very painter, singer, musician, dancer and the one who wrote exceptional poetries. 

 (let’s not talk about the ones who were good at studies, they never inspired us :P)

In teenage, we were fascinated with the musical bands, rockstars, and celebrities flaunting their glittering possessions and luxurious lifestyles and then as we stepped into adulthood our inclination took a turn towards more established figures like Writers, Authors, Philosophers, Scientists, Sportsmen, Artists, Visionaries, Social activists, Business tycoons, Politicians, Spiritual leaders, etc whom we considered as our role models and wanted to become like them someday.

We never realized but all these people were in some major or minor way contributing small portions of inspirations in our lives.

I am sure you are still withdrawing a lot of inspiration from different external sources but maybe you are not aware of it or maybe you are but still, there is something missing from the picture. If you look at the whole graph of inspirations that we all have been taking, there are two significant points that are affecting your current reality.

Don’t you think your name should also be there among all the people who were knowingly or unknowingly leaving an impression on your life? 

After all, it’s your life and you have already spent a substantial amount of time taking inspiration from so many different sources and its time for you to finally stop depending on others and find out your own inspiration.

Wait, now you must be wondering, till now I was talking about the need of finding that inspiration but now I have altered the subject completely by and now saying you need to find your own inspiration.

Does it sound a little confusing? Let me explain.

Till now all the inspiration that you took, let it be from your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, celebrities or whoever inspired you in little or greater way, it was necessary for you, to reach up to this point of life. 

Which point of life?

The point from where you have matured enough to take the decisions of your life yourself.

All those little inspirations were shaping your lives and guiding you to become who you are today.

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from outside as far as it is helping us understand our life better and also helping us to improve the quality of our life.

But just like now you are not dependent anymore on your parents, teachers and all those people who helped you to reach till this point, where you decided to take the steering of your life into your hands.

Don’t you think it’s time for taking the charge of inspiration into your hands, without depending on any external source?

That’s one reason and the second is, don’t you think we all have spent enough time listening, following and believing in all the things that everybody else was telling us in order to live our life to the fullest and even after listening, following and believing all the things we were told, we never were satisfied with it and always kept searching for something more in order to get that feeling of fulfillment.

Don’t you think before we announced ourselves as adults we had spent a big amount of time on being dependent on the decisions, recommendations, opinions sometimes unnecessary inputs that were imposed us just because we were not mature enough to take decisions for yourself and now that we have taken the charge of our life, don’t you think it’s the time to take the charge of the things that influence, inspire and shapes our life?

Take your time and think over it.

Again I am saying this that it’s not just now but we have always been looking for inspiration to make the flow of our life smoother. No matter what phase of life we were in.

We always had an idea we wanted to execute, a task we wanted to accomplish, a target we wanted to hit, a goal we wanted to achieve and sometimes a dream we wanted to fulfill, but for some reason, we stopped chasing it because we were looking for some encouragement which we more commonly recognize as motivation. 

Sometimes we gather some motivation after talking to a friend or family member, listening to a high-intensity motivational speech, reading a self-help book, watching a video on the internet, attending a motivational seminar, etc and just like currency when we start using this motivation slowly starts disappearing and then we find ourselves abandoned in the middle of this road and then we look for another motivation to behold.

In case we find another, it pushes us till our next pit stop but again it starts evaporating and then we start losing hope,sometimes start giving up and eventually quit. 

Not just me, we all have faced those times when we felt this lack of motivation and thought that we needed some encouragement, a bit of motivation, or just a little push, and we would have accomplished that task but we gave up just because we were not able to find that motivation.

I am not saying that motivation is bad, it’s not. Motivation can give you a good jump start and also lead you half ways but there is no guarantee of its sustenance till the goal is achieved. In short, motivation is like a temporary boost that can help you begin but it has its own disadvantages. 

You might have seen people attending the great motivational seminars and coming back with high energies for some days which slowly fades out and then they feel like attending another seminar to keep going and eventually get stuck in a loop of externally exciting willpower with motivation and this is the whole reason why a lot of people give up on their dreams too early and the brilliant ideas that pop in their heads randomly which they think have the capability to change the world one day, but just because they were not able to keep themselves motivated enough they invariably decided to quit.

This vicious loop, this whole game is smartly planned by a mastermind who plays an important role in both creating and destroying our life.

(About which we will be discussing in the next article) 

This brings us to the main reason why we not only need to find inspiration but we need to find our own so that when we never feel a shortage of that encouragement.

In simple words, why should we depend on such an important aspect of our lives on others? 

I am sure you must have heard of this proverb –

This is the perfect metaphor for finding your own inspiration inside you so that you no longer depend on anything else other than yourself and take the flight of achieving your dreams all by yourself so that you don’t run out of fuel.

Maybe this is the right time to find your inspiration because you are locked down in your house with a 1000 ideas in your head but little confusion on where to begin.

If you think that makes sense, then again pat yourself and give yourself big applause for learning this new life lesson.

But after understanding the importance of this missing piece of the puzzle now you must be wondering how and where to find it?

I am sure you must have figured out by now that the place where you will find it is inside you but you are still skeptical about the “HOW” part.

Before we get on the track and actually start running towards finding our inspiration, there is one secret component #THEMASTERMIND ,we need to look upon so that we can find our inspiration without any delusions or distractions.

In the next article, we are going to discuss how this mastermind tricks us and creates illusions that trap us in a temporary lie which we start believing and eventually give up on our ideas and our dreams sometimes.

For now, again I would suggest you take a break and grab a copy and a pen and write down all the thoughts that were triggered while reading this article. Take your own time to absorb all the insights.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourself and your family so that I can have the privilege of having your amazing company one more time at 

The Infinite Inspiration.

Take care

See you soon 

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