“The Mastermind”

Before I start talking about the topic that we are going to discuss in this article, I want to ask you something.

Take some time before you answer this question because your response is going to determine the way you perceive any reality, and that is the key factor that determines the quotient of happiness in your life. The question is,

Take a break from reading this post, take a walk with a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the possible things that come to your mind and leave it aside.

Lets, talk about the lockdown situation we all unexpectedly fell upon.

If you’re content in this lockdown situation, then give yourself a big thumbs up, it’s a great thing

But if you think it is getting boring or irritating, with every day passing it is getting on your nerves, and you want to get back to your routine ASAP, then consider that this article was written just for you so that you can find a sigh of relief between all this chaos.

To have a better understanding of what we are dealing with, let me take you back to the time before this coronavirus panic chaos suddenly came and disturbed our routine completely.

A couple of days back when everything was normal, we were all following our routines and happily going through our lives. Even though we all were in different ages and phases of life, yet we were attuned towards this phase specific task, a specific goal or some target that we were looking forward to achieving. Somebody was searching for happiness, somebody for love, somebody was chasing money, somebody was looking for a job, somebody for a relationship,  somebody for name and fame, somebody for inner peace, somebody for some stability in life and the list can just go on and on.

No matter which category we fell into, we were all searching for something. In short, everybody was busy with their own errands with a recognizable purpose at the end of which there was a reward which they thought would bring them happiness.

No matter whatever tasks our lives were aligned to, the way we were approaching them was affecting our lives and our reality. Some of us were determined and focused, some were partially aware and partially unaware and some were completely unaware of what they were doing in their lives yet we were all engaged in our pursuits, expecting that after the completion of this task the course of life will be sorted out and we will be able to live peacefully.

Even though at the back of our minds we knew that accomplishing this task would add some value and meaning to our lives we all were having different and better to say our own unique personalized outlook towards this whole journey.

Some were happily chasing these targets, some were neutral and unaffected and some were under a lot of stress.

If we look at the gist of this chase, one thing that is common for everybody is that we were all searching for this mysterious thing which we identified under different names tags and categories, like a missing piece from the puzzle of life and only after finding it finally the portrait of our life will be declared complete.

Second, everybody’s experience was not the same. For some this experience was enchanting but for some it was not that pleasant or even miserable. 

(Just like this lockdown, where some people are fed up some are still doing fine)

Have you ever wondered that even though we all were chasing this missing piece, some people always seemed full of positive energy, filled with enthusiasm while some people always seemed drained, worried and even under stress?

Even though we belong to the same planet, living under one sky, breathing the same air, walking on the same earth, with similar physical structures and cellular codes, gifted with the same amount of intelligence yet our experience of life differs so much that it becomes very discreet to even think about comparing it with somebody else.

We have so much in common, still, somebody’s experience is full of magic and somebody’s full of misery.

What is this one key factor that is playing an important role in defining the experience of our life that too without our permission?

And it also brings to the question that I asked you at the beginning of this article?

This is the time to get back that piece of paper in which you had written your reply to the question which I asked at the starting of this article.

If your answer is the coronavirus, the pandemic, quarantine, lockdown, humanity’s suffering, boring life, feeling trapped, frustration, virus attack, government, communistic conspiracy, job insecurity, lack of resources, loss of business, or whatever it is then let me tell you that you are not dealing with any of this.

The answer is “MIND”.

Pat yourself if you guessed it right.

You are dealing with your own mind, nothing else.

You must be thinking that How can I say this situation is not stressful when the whole world is affected by this unexpected pandemic. Millions have died, countries are locked down, people cannot go outside their homes, governments are giving up, economies are coming down, everybody is at high risk of being affected, nobody knows when it is getting over and so many reasons.

I want you to take a deep breath and think, who is saying all this?

Is it you or your Mind?

If you have little awareness of your thoughts you will figure out that it is your mind which is doing this unnecessary chatter, just like it used to in the past. 

Just like when someone calls your name, there is a person who calls and one listening to this voice that is you.

Just like that your mind whenever it saw something, it would tell you how good or bad something is if it liked that thing or not if this is pleasing or irritating and so many opinions like that and you thought of that opinion as your own.

In the similar fashion whatever be the story you want to tell me explaining how bad the coronavirus situation is, it is a story crafted by your mind because it wants to keep you engaged in a certain loop at which it got stuck unconsciously and now it is just repeating all the things it gathered from social media, news or surroundings.

The good news is, that if you are reading this article online it means you still have your laptop or cell phone which is still charged and functioning, and it certainly means that you are safe in your home with things like electricity, water, food, etc, you are alive and unaffected by the virus which is a great blessing. There are many positive things like that for which you would be grateful if you start looking at the positive things but your mind has allowed you to see those things, and very smartly it is keeping you engaged with unfortunate things that are making your experience bitter.

What we discussed above were two different perspectives of the same situation yet so different in their impression and influence.

One point of view excites the mind towards all the negativity spreading around and makes our experience heavy and stressful and another makes our experience humble and grateful by pointing us towards us the positive things we still have.

For example, sometimes we go for a movie which had very bad reviews and we were forced to go with a friend without our wish, but the movie turns out to be better than what we expected it to be because our mind was already making assumptions about it but the reality was different.

All of this is nothing but the dramatic stories created by our own minds which block so many good things in our life and make our life experience distressful.

The reasons behind all these mishaps created by mind are:

  1. Mind’s conditioning (Accumulated data)
  2. Scattered Mind (it is not organized)

There are numerous factors that are responsible for how our minds get conditioned at a certain frequency like our parents, friends, and family, upbringing, education, social interactions, geographical location, political interests, personal experiences, etc.

The reason why I brought upon the topic of the mind is that it is the missing link in both finding what you are searching for and finding your inspiration. 

In order to find what we are looking for we need some inspiration and as far as our mind is engaged in its preoccupied ideas it will never give you space to think outside it’s collected data and try its best to keep you engaged in only looking at the unfavorable things in life and you will not be able to make any progress and the experience of your life will not change.

This brings us to the second point. It is only after organizing our minds we would be able to find our true inspiration which will lead us to bring about some peace and stability in our life and make our experience joyful.

Here what I have given you is just a bird’s eye view on how deep and intense is the influence of the mind in our lives and how it traps our intelligence and uses it against our will, leaving us having a bad experience of life. 

The mind is an extensive subject just like life, no matter how much we learn about it will always feel less.

So, for now, I want you to drop any ideas about the mind being a monkey, or parachute, or prison and look at it as an instrument like a supercomputer which is capable of doing miraculous things, it’s just the matter of time we learn how to code it and you will see wonders. 

In the coming articles we will be learning things about what mind is, how to organize it and where to begin and a lot more.

After reading this article even if you can analyze a little influence of mind and its activities on your life, consider it a firm beginning.

This brings us to the end of this article just like always I would suggest you take a break and grab a copy and a pen and write down all the thoughts, doubts and ideas that were triggered while reading this article. Take your own time to absorb all the insights.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourself and your family.


 The Infinite Inspiration.

Take care

See you soon 

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