“It’s Time to unlock”

Corona Virus – Part 2

Don’t you feel sometimes of this whole phase like a movie where the whole world is going through a crisis and everybody is affected by it, governments seem helpless, scientists working hard to find a solution, people are locked down inside their houses?

The only difference between a movie and this pandemic is, this time it’s happening for real.

I hope that by this time you have adjusted yourself to the lockdown and also started to look at the brighter side of this pandemic and its effects on us for the time being and also for our future. It’s been quite a good amount of time in lockdown to understand a lot of things that are going around us. So many people are coming up with so many different suggestions and advice which they themselves do not follow but they seem to preach this as if it was their moral duty to tell you what to do.

I am sure you might have come along and now got bored also of these quotes which are irrelevantly flying on social media saying :

  • “Right time to find your purpose”
  • “It’s time to slow down”
  • “if you can’t go outside, go inside” 
  • “it’s the time to Unlock”

So many like this and the funny part is nobody tells you how to go inside and where exactly they mean when they say inside?

The same is with the slow down and unlocking quote, everybody is giving lectures on philosophy as though Socrates personally skype’d them and asked them to create awareness among the people but because of the slow internet they couldn’t receive the how part.

You might be thinking of that is the case then why this article is also called “it’s time to unlock”?

To understand this let’s go back a little in the past before coronavirus came into our lives. We were all busy and happy with our lives and our work, everything was going fine. Most of the time of our life used to go between our job and family, earning a living to pay our bills, save some part for the future, and some of it to enjoy that phase of life we were in. But amongst that busy phase of life, there was also a part of ourselves which we used to keep very secretive and completely for ourselves, in which we used to receive these brilliant ideas which our mind used to bring in the tiny gaps we used to find between the routine. We always had a feeling that just by implementing these ideas we can bring a revolution not only in our life but maybe in the whole world but for some reason we never worked on them because our mind had already convinced us that we are busy and we do not have time. We used to postpone all these ideas, for what reason?

Having no time.

The amount of time we had spent in telling ourselves that we are busy and we will do it later actually we were putting thousands of those brilliant ideas into a secret closet one after the other, thinking that someday we will open this closet and like a magician bring a bunny out of the hat, we will bring this idea into this world but with a condition, when we have enough time. 

Sadly that time never came and whether you believe me or not it will never come either, because the issue is not time, it has never been, it’s something else only.

I have no doubt that each one of us, including you and me, have a secret closet full of these brilliant life-changing ideas which we never opened because we never had the time and this is what the title of this article indicates.

It means this is the right time to unlock that secret closet of brilliant ideas which we had forgotten and bring them into our lives.

That is exactly the reason why this lockdown period is so important and can play a pivotal role in changing the whole course of your life from normal to phenomenal.

The reason why I think of this time as a mysterious window or like I mentioned in the previous post as the great opportunity, because even though a large amount of the population is locked down under their homes it provides us the time to think and take action for all those brilliant ideas which we were procrastinating from a long time. 

When it began, a lot of us were at a shock, not ready to deal with this mentally but after spending a generous amount of time inside our homes we kind of got accustomed to this new way of life which surprisingly brought us a lot of revelations. The variety of activity that is happening around is both arousing anxiety and curiosity. 

It’s like God gifted us this time that we were craving for so long but the quantity is so much that we all seem confused about what to do with it. Daily we wake up with a heap of messages on our mobile phones in which people are involved in various activities and making the most of this time. Daily you encounter an amazing piece of art by your friend, someone who has started doing yoga, someone who is following a diet, someone who has started a youtube channel, someone who is learning guitar, someone who started juggling, someone started learning french, and so many things like that.

All of these social media interactions also trigger our creative mind and we begin thinking of applying all those ideas which we always had in our secret closet, which we thought we will open someday and create magic in our lives but for some reason, we just kept adding those brilliant ideas our mind was bringing into these closet and completely forgot about it. But soon the whole excitement evaporates and we find ourselves back on the couch either endlessly scrolling the screen of our mobile phone, watching web series or the world’s best recreational activity ie: sleeping.

Initially, when all of this started we didn’t notice but as days were passing by the waves of these creative ideas started to come up in our mind. While a lot of smart people grabbed this opportunity and started working on these long pending ideas, some people started these ideas but soon their motivation came down and some just kept for the right alignment of all the entities the universe so that they can begin this task, is short even though a lot of people wanted to do something but still, they were not able to do anything.

Everybody was so busy in their daily routines that finding time used to feel like a big task and now suddenly we have so much time that it itself has become a big challenge to understand what to do with it.

The reason I am mentioning this time to be a great opportunity to explore the parts of our lives which were left behind when we were chasing materialistic goals because this time is like a gateway which leads to the path of self-exploration and helps us find and reach our true potential, we don’t know if we will ever get it again or not.

It’s not just this time but we keep getting opportunities but we are always so caught up with the chase of our happiness out there that sometimes we don’t have time to look into these opportunities or we do not recognize them at all.

That is what makes this time so special. The intensity of this phase is so dynamic that it is bringing up both anxiety and curiosity. 

Even though we are all locked down in our houses, the amount of creative activity that is happening at this moment is just unbelievable. I am sure that daily you are witnessing a lot of people doing a lot of creative as well as crazy things. Even though the resources and freedom are restricted but the freedom of the creative mind is taking flight without any interruption. As soon as our day starts we find people who didn’t appear to be active or creative are now making beautiful paintings, writing poems, following their passion, experimenting with food, cooking new dishes, finding new ways to workout at home and so many things like that. 

The people who are at home going through this situation can be classified into three categories :

  1. Who is utilizing this opportunity
  2. Who is not utilizing this opportunity
  3. Who is still thinking 

If you fall into the first category. The people who already make the most of this opportunity to upgrade your skills in any area of your interest or you are utilizing this time to do something productive which is adding or will be adding some value to your life then hats off to you and your enthusiasm.

If you belong to the second category, that’s also cool because there is clarity in your decision and you are content with it.

But if you belong to the third category then my friend, even though you don’t talk about it with anyone, I know you are in trouble.

It’s not even about the opportunity you have got because of this lockdown, but the whole mindset that goes behind this kind of thinking. It’s not only about this but all the opportunities that you have missed in the past and I am sure that there has been an instance where you felt that intense feeling of grabbing that opportunity taking that action which could have changed the whole course of your life but something was holding you back. Even though your heart knew that this is the right time and you might not get this opportunity back again, somehow your mind convinced you to post one it and do it next time when you are more prepared when you are ready and if you look back you will find a lot of opportunities, not just you but we all missed.

This is the time you should break the barrier that is holding you back and not allowing you to find the best version of your self and keeping you apart from living a life full of abundance a life that you deserve.

If you fall into this category then one thing is for sure that you have some brilliant ideas which you want to implement or a part of your life which you have neglected from a long time but you never worked upon it because of hesitation, lack of confidence, lack of motivation you needed encouragement, or like how I say, you were looking for some inspiration to start off.

After discussing so much about this secret closet and the reasons why we need to unlock it, you must be wondering how to do it.

Finally after so much discussion in previous posts about all the questions in our head, what is inspiration, why do we need it, where to find it?

We are at the junction from where we will embark on our journeys to find our inspiration so that we can lead a life we always dreamt of, by finding our true purpose and also finding our true happiness within.

For that, you will have to stay tuned with us, because it’s not just one shot trick but a whole gradual process which will be brought into action step by step so that we can not only find our inspiration but can keep it with us in our hearts as a light which leads us and guides us to reach our peak potential.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

The Infinite Inspiration by Rohan

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2 Responses

  1. Sophie alias Solucy says:

    I would make a other distinction in the first category (people who are utilizing this opportunity and are doing lot of things…) . I think we can find first of all people who are really aware of this opportunity (and finally it will have a great impact on their life for the future: because they now understand the real sense of their life and this situation will change the way to see life).
    And we can also find people who use this time to do a lot of things, to develop new skills in order to stay active and in order not to be alone with themselves (in other words they do things and lot of things to occupy the mind). This second sub-category try to no struggle with the mind by doing things and using the time. And I think, it’s a trap for them. And again when the lockdown will end they will probably return to their routine or fill their life with activities….searching what ? The sense of their life.

  2. Sophie says:

    I think in the first category (people who are doing a lot of things) we can make a other distinction. First of all you can find people who are using this opportunity because they became aware of what is essential in their life (way of life, way of thinking…) . And finally their life will be changed forever because of this situation.
    And there is also an other sub category. Those people are doing a lot of things too and develop new skills. They are using this time efficiently. However they stay active in order to occupy the mind and to escape fear. They are filling their life the same way as they did before and as they will do after this lockdown. Those people are trapped again by their mind even if they seem using this situation as an opportunity.

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