What’s your Dream?

  • Journey around the whole world.
  • Harley Davidson bike
  • 6 figure income.
  • Marrying the love of my life.
  • Own a Persian cat
  • Start my own business.
  • Buying a mansion
  • Publishing my first Book
  • Becoming a Bollywood star

And the list goes on and on. As many people as many dreams.

Different age groups, different people, and so on are their Dreams. Have you ever asked yourself what’s your dream?

I can bet every single person on this gigantic blue revolving ball of water and mud has a dream and it doesn’t matter if it’s big, small, far long, crazy insane or impossible, a dream is just a dream n it has no cage around it. A dream is like a free bird who doesn’t understand any shackles of time-space money abstraction or reality. Just like that I had a sanctuary of birds flying desperately all the time in all the possible timescapes and scales around me.

I feel like most of us including me are mistaken with dreams and desires. We have endless desires like we all want to be rich, we want to be famous, we want to be loved, and we want a beautiful spouse or a handsome hubby, a big home an exotic holiday, a bungee Jump, a road trip to Ladhak and the list never ends. But have you asked yourself what is this thing keeps popping up in our head every time when we see it somewhere like the internet or in real? Is it a dream or a desire?

Well I too was just like any other normal guy with +1 stupidity level as I was trying to fulfill the dreams imposed on me. Some were imposed on me by my family some by my friends some by neighbors some by relatives and some were the whispers of the invisible people in society whom I don’t even know or recognize.

There was a time when my mother wanted me to see me doing at least something good in life than just not wasting my time, my relatives wanted me to not to spoil the family’s name, some of the friends n supports wanted to see me on reality shows or choreographing in Bollywood and many more people with many more expectations.

I felt stirred in between all these speculations asking myself whether I’ll be able to fulfill even one of that expectation from that never-ending list. Nobody ever asked me, but I was stupid enough to ask myself WHAT THE HELL I WANTED….?

This is the place where the three Cs of my life started. CHAOS imposed on my head by people watering the seed of CONFUSION inside my little dormant brain. But I was glad it all happened it all leads me to the third C, the CURIOSITY to find out what exactly I wanted in life. But before I could figure out what I wanted, I went through a lot of incidents accidents situations which helped me to create a NOT TO DO list which was getting long as each passing month and this continued till I finally found myself lost in all the directions routing in front of my eyes when I forgot to look back when Dance was standing right behind me, always there to catch me from every fall of my life n thanks to the Universe for the conspiracy, finally I found my path. It felt like I found my pack of cards to play the game but the trump card was still missing. Thank God at least now I knew my path and was glad not to be a part of the crowd who was running in a rat race behind the things they didn’t require trying to prove themselves something to others compromising their own heart, without knowing why they are doing this n where they were going.

I was lucky enough to have a realization of what I am supposed to do in life and what’s my path but still far away from my actual dream. It was 5 years already away from home in three different cities two dance schools 1000s of friends some really great mentors and people and experiences and some accomplishments of the desires which I thought as dreams. But some part of soul knew that this is not the thing, as after every fulfillment I never had this satisfaction. I always believed that after achieving this I will be content in life after this no worries no struggle no chasing but after fulfillment of every desire dissatisfaction was standing to welcome me.  It kept going on and on for years and years even after realizing my path I didn’t know what exactly is my DREAM?

Until I saw the Eagle making its way right from the sky crossing the dark clouds fearless flawless and adamant.  This happened last year in the month of NOV when I was in my hometown for Diwali, where I met this guy who unknowingly linked me to my dream.

Well the moment when all of this was happening I didn’t have any clue that this simple meeting was turning out to be the most important meeting of my life. As usual the holidays got over very soon and it was time to get back to work. It was difficult to leave behind the thing which had initiated deep inside in the meeting and was revolving around my head till I reached, even after reaching. There was a sudden rush of energy in my actions after landing. I had never experienced so much enthusiasm. If I have to explain that feeling it was like first love, pure serene and crazy. In a matter of days after coming back from my home with the trump card I was running at supersonic speed. I had almost doubled my classes got a new job, was working 8.30 am-8.30 pm, no time to waste if I got some time in this tight schedule I either slept or ate. Very soon I deleted Sundays from my calendar. I started earning as good as my fellow IT friends.

One fine cloudy day in the afternoon I was driving for my ballet class, I stopped at the signal and could see the sun peeping out from the clouds like this sending me some message and the picture inside my head started getting clear and slowly I could connect the dots and could understand what n how exactly things are buffering. I realized that till this point in my life I was running behind shadows which I would have never been able to catch. These were not the things I wanted to do in life, these were the desires imposed on me by the people and some were the illusions of my own mind which I was mistakenly taking as my dreams, They weren’t my dream as I never gave my 100% of my effort or dedication in those things. Like a compass without a needle, I was just doing them for satisfying my family or earning my living or sometimes just for the sake of doing it, until I realized my dream. The dream was like a sun emitting a tremendous amount of energy which could reach me directly, charging my spirit to deliver my best performance at every platform of life so that I can reach for my dream. The source was so strong that it took away all the negative influences and directed my focus like a laser beam towards my destination and the thirst for reaching my dream was pushing me forward. With time passing by I could feel the transformation in my work my personality and my professional life. The way of thinking, the way of approaching things, the way of looking at things started to change as the process started to streamline itself. The saying was appearing to be true as I could see the universe conspiring to help me put together the pieces of my big picture. It’s the world’s spectacular and beautiful sight when you see a dream taking its shape, was just like a butterfly inside the cocoon whose wings are taking its shape getting ready to take its first flight.

Reaching up to a million hearts through my work and sending them the message that I was supposed to send them which makes a difference, adds some value, add some meaning in their life, and puts up a smile on their face, is one of my dreams and I am glad it has begun with this blog.

Well, I am still in the process of reaching there but I am glad I’ve taken my first steps and started my journey, To reach my DREAM, the other half of the post remains a mystery to me as well as I don’t know how I will reach there. With all your love and support one day definitely I will.

#Hey guys please leave a comment after reading the blog post as your comments suggestions advice criticism everything will help me get better with my future posts.

Thank for your love n support



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