“The Beginning”

I want to ask you something: 

What is the one plan or idea that you have been planning for some time but never executed it and now planning to do when this lockdown gets over.

  • Get six-pack abs
  • Follow a detox diet/routine.
  • Follow your passion
  • Start reading books
  • Writing your first book.
  • Set up your own business
  • Stand up debut
  •  YouTube channel, etc.

In the backyard of our minds we all have thousands of thoughts that keep running inside our head. We all have different kinds of thoughts, ideas, plans, and schemes, something which is so attached to our hearts that we want to become real one day. These small and big ideas keep wandering in the space of our mind. 

Not just now but we are always planning to do something in our life. It might be something simple like eating healthy, hitting the gym, working out on that secret plan to our dream project, some brilliant idea, or a million-dollar blueprint.

Sometimes we keep these ideas like a rare bottle of champagne which we think will open on some special occasion but the thing is until now that special occasion has not arrived in your life and you don’t even know if it ever will come also or not.

Have you ever wondered why?

Maybe you were thinking that one day everything will fall into a place and that is the day when you will execute this plan. It is like waiting for the perfect day when everything falls into place, the time is right,  you have all the resources you need, you have the confidence to begin and the courage to carry forward and all the checkpoints in the to-do list are marked before you start and you are all set to go. 

Unfortunately that perfect alignment of the universe never happened and honestly speaking it’s not going to happen either.

Even though you have something which you want to do with all your heart, you even knew it can transform your life still you didn’t execute it.

Either you were completely immersed in the planning of that idea but didn’t start or maybe you started something but you are not able to continue it, eventually, you dropped it which brings you back to where you started.

Have you ever wondered why? 

What is the big reason which is holding you back?

We all have gone through such experiences when we started off something with great intensity like gym, a healthy diet, a detox plan, reading a book, meditating, working out, daily journal, writing blogs, learning a musical instrument or a new language, etc but eventually we dropped it off, for some reason we were not aware of.

There is one simple reason behind it which is that you didn’t know anything about this special event called “THE BEGINNING”.

If you look at it, it might seem like just a simple word which means the point in time or space at which something starts or initiates but there is so much more to it, which was never discussed in general by anyone either in school, family or anywhere in that case.

If you ask me about it, the point of beginning is the most important and significant point for anybody who is thinking of executing any plan or idea that will bring about some minor or major problems in their life. 

It is the most crucial, confusing, and at the same time challenging spot in any process or any journey because until this point all our ideas and planning are still inside our head and we have not taken any action and our results have not been materialized.

If we do not have knowledge of certain aspects like our resources, our plan, our end goal and most importantly our purpose of doing it, chances are we’ll never start or even if we do we will drop it off in between because we didn’t have clarity. 

Sadly the kind of society we live in, trying something new, out of the box thinking, following our passion, having an unconventional idea, having a dream that freaks you out, or simply having an idea which is different or abnormal for others, etc. 

Such kind of thoughts and ideas are not at all encouraged by people and often seen as an impression of madness, which unconsciously restricts us from taking any step towards it because our mind is much more concerned about what will people say or what will people think rather than thinking about the end result when this plan is executed successfully with all our heart and soul.

Sometimes we won’t even have to go far to find disappointment because the people who we are most connected tend to discourage us or often make a joke of our plans.

Such thoughts and experiences disempower us from taking the steps to bring that plan to life because we start looking at the whole situation from the standpoint of fear rather than faith.

You must have experienced this personally when you wanted to start off something and you postponed it by saying :

  • I will do it after ___________. (After lockdown for the instance)
  • I will do it when ________ happens.
  • Time is not right.
  • Resources are missing.
  • I need more preparation.
  • I am not ready.
  • I don’t have enough money, etc.

No matter what your excuse is, it all points towards just one thing that is “FEAR”.

The root of all the excuses you were giving for thinking of them as legit reasons for not starting is the psychological drama that your mind created to stop you from going out of your comfort zone as an act of protecting you from the unknown. 

Unfortunately, our mind is still not aware that the stone age is over when we no longer need to go out of our cave in search of food and it still thinks of every unexplored territory from a standpoint of threat and keeps warning us, in order to keep us safe and secure from any danger out there.

That’s so sweet of the mind to care for us, and what we do with it?

We always curse it for everything wrong in our life.

Jokes apart. The reason what makes beginning so difficult is not that we are not ready or we do not have the right resources to begin or we lack something but it is like we wanted to do paragliding for which we saved a lot of money, we purchased the gear, read books about it, saw lots of videos, took references, kept preparing mentally but the day when we were supposed to take off from cliff actually in order to take that flight we ran till the edge of the cliff but couldn’t take off because our mind was restricting us from taking the jump and kept on saying 

stupid things like :

  • What if you don’t fly?
  • What if you don’t know how to land?
  • What if something happens in between?
  • What if it starts raining suddenly? etc

The mind can fabricate 1000s of excuses and things like that to stop us from coming out of our comfort zone.

That is what the beginning is all about, breaking the mental barriers of the comfort zone that our mind has created to keep us safe.

The beginning is the act of finding that courage from inside to trust our own voice which points us towards our destination and crossing through all these mental voices that are showing us wrong directions to mislead us. 

One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to begin even smallest of the things that we want to do is that we might be thinking about the end result of keeping an image of the way it should perfectly happen, not realizing the fact that perfection itself never exist and it’s is too early for us to think of finishing this task with perfection.

The reason why we want to achieve this task with perfection is linked to the idea of its accomplishment which is directly related to our approval which we will be getting from people as being successful and socially accepted otherwise we will be tagged as a failure and nobody wants to fall into that category.

There is a lot of self-judgment that we go through which makes us weak from inside like a slow poison and we get stuck in this loop of thoughts which constantly reminds us if this doesn’t work out then what are the things that we will have to face and slowly this small bubble of fear starts to take over our mind and we eventually drop our plan and never execute it.

This is the reason why most of the dreams and dreamers die long before they can even take their first step.

To begin not just simply means to start something but it represents the first step towards making a conscious decision to commit to a particular goal in which we want to invest our life energies to bring about some positive changes which empower us to become bigger and better and higher versions of ourselves.

It is only possible when we take a firm decision by keeping aside all the judgement all the resistance created by the mental voices both from outside and inside which are trying to keep us locked inside our mental cage and listen to our heart the very core of our being and take this leap of faith to begin this life-transforming journey without thinking or worrying about the result for what is going to happen by keeping all over faith in our efforts and ourself. I for some reason we are not able to keep faith in our self and you are still scared to take that leap of faith then do this task with all your heart and surrender yourself to the will of the universe and leave it in the hands of God because he will either catch you from falling to he will teach you how to fly.

So if you are still thinking about beginning that thing which you have been keeping in your mind for such a long time there cannot be a better time than now and please from here.

You have already restricted yourself a lot and waited much longer than you even deserve so now is the time to open up the shackles and let the doorways to your new life open so that you can enter the life you dreamed about.

I hope this article gave you some meaningful insight into the importance of the beginning and inspired you to begin something new, doesn’t matter small or big, and helps you to bring out the best in you.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired


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