Create a Kick-ass plan to beat the Lockdown

You might have heard this quote that “Rome was not built in a day”, but there is one thing which was built even before that. It was the plan. Planning is like a road map which has details about the journey which you can follow to reach the destination. 

You must have heard a lot about the importance of planning to reach your desired goal. Let’s look at one of the simple and creative ways by which you can make a plan to start off and later on alter depending on the progress of your plan.

You can use exercise to create a plan for any activity like :

  • Starting yoga or Meditation
  • Starting a workout
  • Follow a detox diet/routine.
  • Brush up on your hobby.
  • Start reading books
  • Write a novel.
  • Learn a new language
  • YouTube career etc

Before I tell you how to create your plan let me tell you a small story of how it came to my mind. This incident happened with me when I was trying to draw the logo for my blog. I was trying to draw the infinity sign on my whiteboard and since I have no experience in painting, the symmetry was missing. Sometimes one half would go long, one part goes wide, one side comes perfect and another side totally out of proportion. I tried a couple of times but it was not coming the way I had designed it on the computer.

Then out of the blue, I decided to first pick a point from where I will draw one side and then the other side. It did help me but still, symmetry was not missing.

Then one idea came to my mind. Let me first pick a fixed point from where I will draw on both sides. At least now I was clear on the place where I have to begin, still, it was not coming symmetrical on both the sides then I decided to draw a vertical line and divided the whole figure into two halves so that I can compare if it’s coming out equal on both the sides or not. It made the drawing a little better but still, the symmetry was not there then I thought why not draw another line horizontally to mark how far I need to draw. It helped me to mark the length of the logo on both sides and how far I need to draw.

This made my strokes balanced but still I was not satisfied with the result. The lines were coming as if I was drawing inside a moving bus, it was not coming smooth.

I don’t know from where this idea came but then instead of directly drawing the logo, I started marking small dots one after the other and to my surprise, it came very well, and to make the corrections was also easy. I followed the same on the left side. Even though it wasn’t perfect but still a lot better than the previous designs. In just two more attempts I was able to draw a close to perfect figure of the logo.

When I finished I took a few steps back just I just not figured out how to draw but also realized a great lesson this simple experience taught me.

This is what it looked like after I was done marking the points.

If you look at the image above it has 3 important things you need to observe.

The first thing is the red point in the middle of the logo, which represents the place where you are at present, ie: NOW. That is exactly the place where you need to begin because you cannot go ahead in time and begin and you cannot go back and begin, even if you decide to begin it later you will have to do it in the present, neither past nor future, the present. This whiteboard represents your life and the red point is the place where you should begin the process and the beauty of this point is that you can put this point anywhere in the middle of the board ie: your life. 

Once you’re done marking the beginning point Then you need to draw a horizontal line which will now represent the distinction between your life before and after executing this plan. 

After that, you need to draw a vertical line intersecting the horizontal line at the beginning point, with an arrow at its top.

The vertical line represents the line of action which will help you determine the difference between your current actions and all the actions that you need to take in order to reach your goal.

The most important things are the small dots that represent the outline of all small steps and all the tiny steps which you need to take in order to reach this goal.

Remember that these tiny dots represent all those daily weekly or monthly tasks that you need to follow with discipline which will add up at the end and bring up the beautiful picture that you are expecting.

I hope you got a small idea of my intention of sharing this exercise with you. It is a small representation of your goal plan in terms of a drawing. But you do not need to stick to it completely, it is just to give you an idea of how drawing a simple logo resonates with the drawing of our dream life and how we can create a map or a plan which we can use to reach our goal in a systematic manner.

You must be thinking that I have not given any description about the quadrants, so let me tell you that it doesn’t even matter to go into the details of the graph, it is just to give you an idea on how you can find a point where you can start and then see your current situation of life and compare it with where you are planning to reach and prepare a contrast of the actions that are currently taking with the action that you are supposed to. 

Let’s come to the practical plan:-

To understand this exercise better you will need to get yourself some time along with a diary and a pen. Then all you need to do is start writing :

Step 1: Beginning point

Step 2: The partitions

Step 3: Marking the dots

To Start mapping your goal plan  Get yourself a diary and start writing the steps one by one.

Step 1: The beginning point represents the place, the time, and the day along with all the necessary things that you need to begin with.  Just write down everything that you think you need in order, to begin with, but do not go deep into it because you can get caught into the thought of doing it with perfection and might not start like before. Try to keep it as simple and needful, keeping in the mind that it’s just the beginning and you don’t need to be perfect and slow, and gradually you will improve and learn a long way and find your own process.

Step 2: In this step, you need to divide the page by drawing a horizontal line and on the lower half write down the current situations of your life along with the details which you want to mention, what is the current situation and how they make you feel, what is missing, etc. On the upper half of the page write down  the details of of the things that you are planning to achieve and what how you will be feeling once you have achieved it and also the positive change that is going to bring in your life

Step 3: In this step take a page and draw a vertical line and divide the page into two halves. Right half put the heading “I AM DOING” and on the left put the heading as “I SHOULD BE”. On the right side write down all the things that you are currently doing and on the left side right down all the things or actions that you compulsorily need to do in order to reach the goal that you are planning to reach.

Again I am mentioning this that you do not need to get caught up in the exercise itself this is just to get the creative juices out of your mind and clear the clutter that has been stopping you from taking the action. By writing down all the ideas that you have in your mind along with ideas you are planning to achieve you will get a contrast between the two points with you and where you want to be. That is the beginning and your goal.

If you do it mindfully this whole exercise will not take more than an hour if you do it at a stretch and if you want to take some time think over it you can take step one in the morning Step 2 in the afternoon or evening and step 3 in the night before going to the bed. If you even think this is not enough the maximum time you should  Take 3 days and on day 1 do the first step day to take the second and on the write about the 3rd step. 

But if you take any time more than this you are getting yourself into trouble and just increasing the gap between the thought and the action just like you have done it in the past and you will not be able to begin.

The best way to do it is to do it at a stretch, make a small commitment to yourself And finish it at once without getting caught up in the drama of the month and getting into the intrinsic details of the results that you’re expecting.

Remember the point of doing this exercise is to get some clarity of the thought and not getting stuck in the planning itself.

Once you are done just read it and take out some bullet points from all the three steps and write it down on a separate sheet and put it somewhere where you can see it every day so that you don’t need to dig into the whole plan again and again.

Just try this simple process and let me know about your views on how your experience was.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

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