Things you must try before Lockdown gets over

Lockdown has not just bought our lives to a halt but also to our happiness and enjoyment. We all are going through a state of stagnation where nothing seems to help us keep up the joy that we used to have in our lives before this happened. It is a very crucial time that has the potency to both make us or break us depending on the way we perceive it. It might have locked us down but it cannot lock our spirit unless we allow it to. There are a lot of things that we can do in order to deal with this time in the most unexpected way. Here are a few ways in which you can make the most of it not only in terms of passing this time but also to learn something new to explore a whole new version of yourself.


If you look back in history, books have been the best source of knowledge you can ever find. They lay the foundation of everything we know. Reading books can give you access to an unlimited source of inspiration with a vast variety of topics to read that you will fall short of time. Reading books will not only help you to utilize a lot of time but also help you to learn a lot of great things which you can imbibe in your life to become a better person. It’s a habit which you will find in the daily routine of all CEOs and most successful people. You can find a book on almost any genre that you feel attached to. All you need to do is find a great genre and look for recommendations and you are good to read.

Begin Exercise

Due to lock down our physical activities have gone drastically low and you better start working out on those muscles before they become loose on the body and tight on the mind. Not exercising is a direct invitation to a lot of health-related issues that can take a troll on your life if you do not take any action. Your metabolism is going down, the immune system is becoming weak, you don’t sleep well or at all, it can make you feel stressed or even depressed and there are a lot of consequences which you are unconsciously inviting. There are so many great ways in which you can start working out. Yoga, dance, pilates, functional training, bodyweight exercises, etc. In fact, it’s a great time to experiment with whatever things you can find at home and see how you can use them to have a fun-filled workout.

Start Meditating

The situation through which we all are going through can seriously affect your mental and emotional health. There is so much stress and negativity going around that if you do not know how to deal with it, it can take away your peace of mind in a moment. There is no other option better than meditation to keep yourself calm and peaceful. There is no match to the amount of positivity and peace this one habit can bring into your life. There are several scientifically proven benefits of meditation and to experience some of them it’s better to try it yourself then just reading about it. I can bet on this fact that dedicating 15-20 mins can transform your life.

Get back to your Hobby

A lot of people must be hearing this word after a long time. It was only during school days we used to ask people what’s your favorite hobby and then in the course of life we totally forgot something like that even existed. This is the best way to get back to that one thing you used to love when you were young and if you didn’t have any such hobby it’s the best time to explore a whole new side to your personality. You can pick anything from painting, singing, dancing, writing, origami (paper folding), making mandalas, zentangle art, calligraphy, etc. Learning or practicing will not only bring out your long-forgotten creative side but also your inner child and keep you engaged for a long time and away from all the negativity going around.


If you look at the most successful people in any field, you will find this one habit in their routine. There are lots of benefits of journaling like increased productivity, clarity in thoughts, de-stressing, emotional detox, enhanced memory, a simple discipline to start off, organizing your thoughts, exploring yourself, etc. All you need to do is get yourself some time and write about anything. It could be about all the thoughts and experiences you had on that particular day, a subject you like, your personal life, your relationships, what is going on in the world. Etc. I can guarantee you that if you can keep up this habit for 21 days you will definitely fall in love with it and no matter what happens you will continue it.

Learn a Language

If you really have no idea what you could be doing during this lock down this is one of the best options. There are so many languages in the world that you can pick any and start learning it. It will not only help you communicate in one more language but there are scientifically proven benefits too. Learning a new language enhances the activity of the brain and also strengthens the neural activity of the brain by making new neural pathways and activating certain parts of the brain. It enhances memory, increases attention span, improves brain functioning, improves communication skills, and who knows if someday it brings you a career opportunity. Above all the learning process will take a lot of time and you can enjoy this process by teaching it to people around and conversing with them.

Learn Chess

If you cannot do any of the activities mentioned because your hands are tied to your mobile phone and your body locked up in your bed and cannot find any motivation to start anything then you must play chess. You can easily find an app or a website or if you have a physical board game then nothing like it. If you haven’t played chess ever, it’s the best time to learn, and if you used to play when it’s time to get back. There are a lot of benefits of playing this simple yet mind-boggling board game. Playing chess helps to develop thinking skills, increase mental activity, make the mind sharper, learn how to plan a strategy, improve concentration and focus, improve reasoning, develop patience, and a lot more benefits. If you can find a partner to play with, good otherwise you can play it with the computer itself.

Take an online course

We are living in the cyber age and everything has gone online. The time in which we are trapped sitting inside our homes if we didn’t have the internet, a huge population must have gone into depression. Thanks to the internet, we have so many options to keep ourselves occupied that we can just go on and on. One of the best ways to engage yourself online is to take an online course. There are a lot of websites that are even providing free online courses on so many different streams. You can learn anything from coding, painting, yoga, dancing, singing, writing, meditating, languages, marketing and this list have no end. Whatever you want to learn is available online. All you need to do is just find out one thing that moves you, find a course, enroll, and start off. It will not only keep your mind occupied into something positive but also you will learn something new which can help you become a better and positive person.

Learn Cooking

If you are with your family then you might not be aware of the pain of not getting good food and if you are living away you must be knowing what I am talking about. If you are at home or you are away, it doesn’t matter. This is one of the underrated activities, but I can tell you from my own personal experience that you must learn to cook your own food. There is no chance that you will love it. No matter what spices you used or how it turns out after cooking. You will not just learn about cooking but a lot about yourself while you learn how to cook. You can cook a meal for your loved one to surprise them. You can experiment with the same dish in a thousand ways. You can come up with your own new version or you can discover a new dish, who knows. There is a lot of information on Google, Youtube, all you need is just decide one day and start off and I can assure you, you will love it.

Start Blogging

The reason I have kept this activity in the last is that it requires some preparation but if you can dedicate some time for it, this is one of the most recommended activities you can do in lockdown. To start your own blog you will have to do some research about the topic on which you want to write. Then you will have to look for a nice catchy name for your blog. You can buy your own domain name or you can use any blogging websites. After that all you need is just to spend some time daily to come up with some great content. It will not only help you as an individual but will also help people to read some valuable content, which can add some value in their life.

There are loads and loads of other activities that you can do depending on the place and available resources. The point is to keep ourselves occupied so that we do not get lethargic or become affected by the negativity around.

You don’t need to be confused about which activity you should choose. You can start off with whatever your heart says or if still confusion remains, just make one chit for every activity, throw it in the air and catch one, and whatever comes in your hand just go with it as the will of the universe.

I hope you found something to start off and do something creative during this lockdown in this article. Don’t’ think too much just go for it.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspire

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Thank you 

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