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Every day is like a new birth, a new beginning, a fresh start, a new opportunity to explore our lives in a different way. Every single day brings us to a whole lot of new possibilities to explore new dimensions of our own existence, of our own being. 

We all have 24 hours in a day in which we spent time doing various activities and tasks. Whether we are doing something or not, sitting or eating, still there is one activity that happens even when we are not aware of it, even when we are sleeping. 

That’s thinking.

It is a well-known fact also researched by scientists that humans think around 60-80 thousand thoughts in a day. These thoughts are like birds flying in our heads from moment to moment, sometimes all alone, sometimes in a flock. Sometimes thoughts are pleasant and sometimes pleasant but among these 1000s of thoughts falling into the screens of our mind, we all get at least one thought that is just out of this world and I can bet on the fact. 

It can be a business plan, blueprint of a new invention, a product, a scientific breakthrough, a story, a poem, a creative idea, a revolutionary plan, or any such thing which can bring a difference in your life as well as can inspire millions if it is executed or applied in some practical way.

There can be more but one is the least that we all get. I am sure you must have experienced this many times when a brilliant idea came to your mind but you didn’t pen it down and in a matter of seconds it disappeared and later on you couldn’t recall it. This happens with almost everybody every day but some are aware and most are unaware of it.

Who knows how many brilliant ideas like that may be worth millions, you have already wasted. There is a simple way to cease such thoughts, which is called JOURNALING.

I don’t think there can be any better reason to start journaling, which I have mentioned above but let me share some more reasons, why you should start journaling.


World’s most successful people’s habit

One habit which the world’s most successful people use in their daily routine is journaling. If you search for any of the top people in any industry they all use this habit to schedule their daily tasks, meetings, daily goals, etc. This helps them to organize their day and divide the activities of the day according to the time and their priority also helps them to keep their work disciplined.

You must be thinking that neither I am planning to start my own corporation or planning to quit the job I have then why to do all this. This brings us to reason number two.


Write your own story

It could prove to be the best activity in the lockdown. We all have an ample amount of time before everything opens, which we can utilize to write about our experience of this whole situation.

Imagine yourself 10 years later, sitting somewhere with a diary in your hand reading this whole experience yourself or maybe sharing the stories of all the different types of incidents and experiences you had. It is like creating a reminiscence, a recollection of this event from your perspective. You can wire your own unique story on how you went through in lockdown and how it helped you to see life in a different way.


Spent some time with yourself

Throughout the day we all are always busy. Doing some work, checking social media, spending time with family, calling our friends and fellows, watching Netflix, etc in short we have time for everything and everybody other than ourselves so this is one way in which you can spend some time with yourselves to reflect on your own thoughts and experience.

You can fix a certain time in the day and call it “ME TIME” or “MY TIME” and dedicate it completely to yourself and check yourself what kind of thoughts come in your mind and in what way they are shaping your life’s experience.


Detox from negative thoughts

Journaling could be the best way to take out any level of stress. Writing down toxic thoughts is a proves method which helps us take all the negative thoughts out of our mind. It also helps us to reflect on the kind of thoughts we go throughout the day so that we can take the necessary steps to eradicate these thoughts and have mental clarity.

You can use this activity to write all those feelings and emotions which you do not share with anyone which will help you not only get them out of your mind but will also give you the power to change them.


Great discipline to start with

If you are thinking of upgrading your life, you will certainly need discipline in your life because no matter what you start, if you are not able to keep up with it consistently, you will not reap any benefit. Among any disciplines this can be the easiest and most profound activity which you can inculcate in your daily routine.

Just a few minutes a day at any fixed time to write down whatever you choose to reflect on can help you boost your confidence like anything. It doesn’t matter what topic you choose, or whats the quality of what you write, or how long or short you write. Just do it religiously for someday and automatically you will see a lot of improvement.


Enhance your memory

It’s such a common thing that many times we forget important things which costs us at different levels. To write daily journal you will have to go through all the activities of the day one by one and recall things like what you ate, what time you woke up. whom you called, where you went, did you spent any money, etc.

You can choose to be as detailed as you want, you can write the highs and lows, the most important things on that day, the worst thing on that day, how was your mood or whatever you cant to, which will improve your memory eventually. You will also be able to see a contrast between your thoughts from the previous day with the present-day.


Organize your thoughts

The kind of roller coaster ride our mind goes through every day affects every aspect of our life and indirectly shapes the kind of experience we have. By writing down those thoughts you can have an overview of these thoughts and their effect in our life. It can help you to organize your thoughts which helps you to get a clear picture. So that you see which thoughts are helping you and which thoughts are blocking you. 


Explore yourself

It’s the best way to explore yourself. If you do journaling daily then writing repetitive thoughts will automatically get ceased and there will be a new flow of thoughts that will appear as a result of the clearance of older thoughts and patterns. You will be surprised to see a new stream of thoughts flowing through your mind and not only your writing improves but also the way you see things too. 

These are some of the numerous benefits this simple yet powerful habit can bring you. You don’t require any electronic gadget, heavy equipment, tools or devices, all you need a pen, paper, time and little bit of willingness to start and I am assure you once you get into the flow with this habit it will become an inseparable part of your routine and you will reap tonnes of mental, emotional and also spiritual benefits from it.

Who knows while writing your journal, you might come up with some unique idea on which you can write a story, a novel or a movie script and become the next writing sensation in the industry.

Only limit is the sky, all you need to do is decide and fly High.

Don’t forget to write about how you found your inspiration to start your journal in this inspiring article on this inspiring blog.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspire

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Thank you 

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