Enough Facebook, Now read Books

We are living in the times where everything is going online and digital. It’s both good and bad depending on how much access we allow it into our lives. The good thing is that we are more connected to the whole world than ever before at the same time we are more disconnected from people around us including our own self too. As everything is going digital we are slowly losing the essence of our qualities which made us human.

The only way we can retain our happiness is by connecting to our roots and one of the best ways to connect to our roots is by reading books. If you ask me, I can give you 1000 reasons to start reading books. But it would be like talking about a pizza rather than eating it.

The benefits of book reading are unlimited. The only reason why we stopped reading books was that we were exposed to books but never introduced them. I wish we were told about all these things while we were still developing so that we would have taken advantage of this simple yet life-transforming habit. You can make the most of this lockdown.

Here are some reasons why you should start reading books now. 

Access the infinite world of Knowledge

There might be many sources of knowledge available in this digital age but there was and there will be no match for books. You might say I am over exaggerating, but to understand this level of madness for books you will have to start reading at least a few books.

Books have always been in the greatest source of knowledge of ancient wisdom and unlimited inspiration. No matter what is the subject that attracts your attention it will fall short. You will find many books on one single topic with thousands of interpretations by different authors. Once you start reading and understand the value that it adds into your life it will be difficult for you to stop reading books maybe you will fall short of time but will never fall short of the options that are available to read.

An addiction like no other

You might have heard of this word addiction only in the context of all the wrong things like alcohol drugs etc. The word addiction simply means the act of being addicted, it doesn’t mean that you have to be addicted to the wrong things only. The choice always lies in your hands in which substance you use to intoxicate yourself. I can bet on this fact that once you start reading books and imbibe the habit in your daily routine once you have finished a book it will be difficult for your mind to settle without reading the next.

You will feel a strong craving to find the next book because of the impression that the book reading left and the soulful experience that you got while reading the book. Your mind will remind you to pick up the next book and again take a DIP into this magical world of words. No matter how much I say the only way you can understand what I’m saying is when you fall into this addiction.

In case if you have any doubts you can ask people who read regularly and you will know what I am talking about.

Spend some time with yourself

Just because we are living our life in a social scenario, right from the moment when we wake up we are surrounded by a lot of people and situations where the majority of the time in the day is spent with somebody else doing the work ok that is for somebody else. Our life has got so busy that we fill drastically to find time for ourselves.

If I ask you to look back and remember when was the last time when you spent some quality time with yourself it might take you some moments to recall such memories.

If you pick up a book, trust me this is the best time that you can spend for yourself by reading something that satisfies your soul and makes the core of your being happy.

It is advised by scientists and doctors to spent some time in solace for a emotionally strong and mentally table mind. Book reading will not only keep you calm but will also help you to develop silence and patience and observe your thoughts and your life.

Give break to your stress

The Times through which we are going can bring out different levels of stress depending on our situation and our conditioning. If we do not know how to handle the stress it can take a serious toll not only on our physical but also on our mental and emotional health. 

The amount of negativity that we face unconsciously has its own consequences and one simple way to keep our mind and away mood into positive vibrations is to engage ourselves in reading books. It doesn’t have to be a book about positivity or self help you can choose from different genres of books which will eventually keep you away from all the negativity and engage you in something positive and productive.

Learn something new

When you read a book obviously you learn a lot of new things about the subject that you are reading. You get to see the perspective of the author and also a new way of looking at the world. When we read books there is always a portion of our mind which gets this fresh source of information and knowledge which was missing from our lives and by adding this to our memory we learn. 

We not only learn about the world are the topics that the author shared but while reading we also alone a lot of new things about ourselves. We learn how to commit ourselves to a daily practice of reading, we learn how to stay consistent, we learn to develop patience in order to finish the, we learn how we can number those lessons in our life to become a better version of ourselves.

Make a friend like no other

You might have heard of the quote. Books are man’s best friend. To understand this quote, we must understand all the qualities of true friends.

  • True friends always guide us and try to uplift your mood when we are sad.
  • They always motivate you to take chances and do better in life.
  • They never leave our side.
  • When you’re falling down they help support us mentally and emotionally.
  • They irritate you to come out of your comfort zone but never leave your side.
  • They always keep you calm, and time flies in their presence.
  • They boost your confidence, etc.

Just like that if you make good friends with books, I won’t even need to tell you the kind of benefits you will reap and help you will get from this simple and profound friend.

An affair you will never forget

Now you might be thinking, What kind of weird heading this paragraph has? How can you have an affair with a book?

I am saying why can’t you have an affair with a book?

Where it is written that it is always a person with whom you can have an affair.

An affair simply means having an association with a person or a situation so why can’t you have an association with the book.

If we go into the details of having any human affair like you understand a serious affair requires a good partner, trust , consistency , commitment and a lot of time to build up that relationship.

Let the book be your partner which you have given a commitment to your company e till the book ends And you trust the book ok that the time that you are going to spend reading it is going to add some value in life and also you keep patience to read it completely.

Never lose an argument 

In the world, we live in the diversity of the opinion that people have about different topics certainly brings up debates and discussions quite often. You might have experienced this yourself a lot of times. Whenever we are in a debate or a discussion with anybody the only way in which we can pull the whole discussion depends completely on the opinion we present.

If you are equipped with the same source of wisdom as the person with whom you are having a debate with social media Facebook WhatsApp all the people around then there are chances that you might not be able to present yourself with confidence.

The best way in which you can stand out in any debate any discussion is by putting those points which normal people are not even aware of and the best way to develop a stream of knowledge which is unique ok and stands out from the crowd trust me there is no better option than reading books.

The kind of confidence that you will develop when you read books cannot be matched. The patience, performance, and perseverance that you will get through this one simple habit will always make you stand out and above the crowd.

Show off on social media

If you are not able to connect to any of the reasons that are mentioned above one of the simple reasons you can start reading a book is to show off on social media. I am sure there must be some people in your friend list who regularly flaunt their collection of books and also the snapshot of the pages of the book they are reading and enchanting experience that they are having while they are reading this book as if they have become hai on this substance.

You should also try at least once.

These are some of the unusual points that I think can bring up that curiosity in you to start reading books.  If you asked me personally I can give you a hundred more reasons to read a book but no matter how much I speak about it it will always fall short of the experience that you can get. 

In my opinion it is better to give it a try and see for yourself whether all the points that I have mentioned in this article makes any sense or not. I can bet on the point, That if you are able to develop this habit,  The changes that will happen in your life will make you a better person without any doubt.

All you need to do is just think about a topic which you feel inclined to, search some recommended books or you can connect with me, I can surely suggest you some great books to start off with.

This is the best time to read books and if you start reading I will be the happiest person In this whole world. I wish to see you take that step as soon as possible.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

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Thank you 

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