4 easy steps to read a book

A lot of people want to read books but sometimes they are too confused about the how part. The thickness of the books reminds them of the years of terror that was imposed by the educational systems in the name of studies which left an impression of books upon our psyche, which was nothing less than of a monstrous enemy.

The thickness of the book itself can be enough to terrorize nonreaders and if by chance if they pick up a book the grammar and the writer’s context paralyzes their enthusiasm to read the book and the book returns back to uplift the beauty of the expensive bookshelf.

If you ask me, reading a book in a week is not at all difficult. It is just a matter of planning and little preparation. All you need to do is follow 4 simple steps and I can guarantee you, if you stay consistent you can easily finish a 300-page book in or less than a week.

To know a simple process on how you can get started with reading, follow the 4 steps in this article


The Big Why ???

This is the most important question you must ask yourself if you’re even thinking about reading a book. If you’re not clear about your intention and your purpose on why you want to read a book then chances are you will never pick up a book to read or even if you do you’ll not be able to finish it.

Consider it the most crucial step because if you are clear about your reasons, on why you want to read a book then 50% of your job is already done.

If your reason is strong enough to motivate you then you will definitely take all the necessary steps further and also finish the task you’ve chosen to accomplish.

If your reason to read a book is entertainment, or you just want to try, or because you bought lots of books in an online sale, or some friend suggested you, etc then it’s better to stick with Netflix because you might get bored in-between and stop reading.

If you want to read a book because you strongly feel like reading even if you got motivated after reading a blog post, watching a youtube video, checking out your friends feed who reads regularly or whatever some random reason which is making you feel like you should also try reading, then you must take a step and must give it a try because this is how it all starts.

If you are super clear about your reason to read like you want to explore a certain topic, upgrade your knowledge, upgrade yourself, utilize time productively, etc then all you need is to jump on to step number two.


Look for a Connection

Once you’ve found your big reason then you just need to look at what are the things that attract you, to which you have a strong connection. Just like we all have a particular liking in our choice of food, music, movies, etc just like that look for the things which appeal to you more. Like if you are a businessman you can read something related to economics, if you are a housewife you can read a book on cookery or parenting, if you are into sports you can read biographies of great sportspersons, if you are spiritual then you can read books on spirituality and consciousness, if you are a romantic person there are tonnes of romantic novels if you are a learner you can read books on self-help, just like that there are different genre and millions of books to choose from. 

So all you need to do is listen to what your heart says and without getting too much into research just find a topic which you connect with and jump onto the next step.


Look for your book

This step is a very magical step. It can happen in two ways. It might sound too difficult to digest but if you can keep some patience, the right book will appear right in front of you from anywhere. It will pop right in front of you from nowhere. It can come into an SMS, junk mail, a youtube video, advertisement, you might see your favorite superstar holding that book, you might find it in your closet, an old gift you didn’t unwrap, a sudden gift from a friend, you can win it in a random online competition, or it can fall off on your head from the above. I just mean to say if you ask readers they will tell you all these crazy stories how they found this book which changed their life completely. For you to understand this you have to get this experience else it will sound stupid only.

If none of this happens, then it’s fine it’s not compulsory, maybe it will happen later but till the time it happens you can look out for some recommendations from friends or you can google it.


Create a plan 

Once you have got your copy of the book whether it’s the ebook or hardcover all you need to do is create a small plan. First, ask yourself how many days you want to finish this book. It should neither be too quick or too late, there should be a reasonably good time. This time frame should not scare you and at the same time it should not make you lazy. 

An ideal time should be a week to a month. Nothing less or nothing more as per my recommendations. You can choose any number of days depending on your commitment that you want to stick to.

Once you decide the time frame all you need to do is count the total number of pages and divide it with the number of days you’ve selected.

For eg: 

If the book has 150 pages and you decided to read it in 10 days, then divide 150/10 which comes 15 pages per day. 

If the pages are 300 you decided to read in 30 days, then divide 300/30, which comes to 10 pages per day.

This is the minimum number of pages that you need to read in a day.

After that take a piece of paper and write three headings on the top. On the left write Day,  in center write the number of pages, From-To, on the right-hand side write Done/Undone.

Under the “Day” heading, in each line write down Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 up to the number of days you have chosen. In front of days write the “Number of pages” like 1-15, 16-30, 31-45,46-60, and so on. In front of these pages make a small box in which you will either mark the right, if you have read or crossed if you didn’t.

In case if you were not able to finish the number of pages you committed, no need to punish yourself. You can carry forward those numbers of pages to the next day and finish that target. The point is to take it easy and keep going.

Make sure you stick this paper to a place in your house where your eyes cross it as many times as possible so that it reminds you to finish this task.

You will be surprised to see how easy it was to finish a book. Once you pick up the pace then you will go up to reading as much as 50-70 pages in a day and also finishing a book in less than a week.

This is the trick I used to develop my reading habit and I use it even now to keep up my pace with reading. This simple plan always worked for me, I hope it works for you as well.

If you are confused about which book to start with, I would be more than happy to recommend some great books which have helped me in my life journey.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspire

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Thank you 

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    Thanks bro , I wish it motivates you to start reading more blogs and eventually start reading books

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