How 15 minutes of meditation can make your life awesome

In the times we all are living everything has become so fast that we have almost lost our natural ability to keep up the joy we were born with. To stay calm and peaceful seems so challenging that most of not even try for it. 

Stress has unapologetically become such an integral part of our life that we have accepted it as a companion that we cannot live without. Stress not only traps in the illusions of peace of mind and happiness as something unachievable but also offers us a great spectrum of physical ailments that can unavoidably lead us to serious consequences.

The good news is, this is just one half of the picture and the other half is what this article is all about. You don’t need to stress about the stress at all because there is a full proof solution that can not just eradicate stress from your life as it never existed but also can bring showers of joy, happiness, and peace into your life. 

That life-transforming thing is “Meditation”.

If you ask me in my opinion there are 5 reasons I would personally suggest to you on why you should start meditating.


Connect yourself to universal WI FI

It might sound weird but there is an infinite network of consciousness that you might have or have not heard about. It provides a lot of services like peace, joy, happiness, healing, guidance, support, love, blessings, positivity, abundance, etc. 

Not understanding what I am saying?

Imagine this universe like your home and consciousness like a high-speed internet wi-fi which provides many services at once, which is always on and available but you are not logged in to the network.

All you need to do is connect to this service and you can watch whatever you want, you can access whatever you want, you can download whatever you want depending upon how strong is your connection and how much data you can download.

Meditation is that service that can connect you to this network of infinite possibilities from which you can download peace of mind, eternal joy, unlimited happiness, and bliss of life.


Experience the peace everyone talks about

I am sure that you encounter a lot of stories on social media about meditation and people who meditate. Stories about why you should do meditation, how it changed somebody’s life, a celebrity picture in a meditative pose, post about the benefits of meditation, how meditation can transform your friend’s life, etc.

If there is so much fuss going about this thing then there must be something true about it. There must be something behind it which is attracting a lot of people’s attention and also offering them benefits that they flaunt off on their social media feeds.

Till how long you will be watching these stories. Don’t you think if so many people are talking about tremendous benefits and life-transforming effects of practice then you should also try it at least once?

Who knows you might also find something magical


Bring out the best version of yourself 

Meditation is not just a simple technique where you focus on a particular object with your eyes closed wondering what is happening. The subtler aspects of meditation provide the practitioner with such a diverse variety of experiences that can not be explained into words.

Meditation not just works on the outside but it transforms you from the inside. Every time you meditate, no matter for what duration it always changes something inside you, which you can only experience if you are consistent.

IF you are sincere with your practice soon you will realize that you no longer react to things you used to, you no longer allow stress to affect you. You no longer get angry with silly things, people around you have started notice changes in you.

Meditation brings the best out of you which you yourself we not aware of.


The most important appointment ever

In the times we are living being busy has become like a fashion accessory which we carry flaunting off as our most prized possession, not realizing the effects it’s not only affecting the people with whom we are connected but also our own happiness, our own well being.

We have got used to giving our time, our energy, our presence, ourselves to everything except ourselves. From the moment we wake up we wither spent time with our work, job, colleagues, family, mobile phone, television, friends, social media.

Out of 24 hours, we don’t even have to keep a time which is exclusive for ourselves.

Meditation is like our appointment with our own self. Just like the quality time we spent with others, this is the quality time we spend with ourselves.

We can give ourselves some importance if not all, by dedicating a small portion of time to evaluate our life, our experiences, our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs to do some self-reflection.

You can also consider it as an appointment with the creator of this whole cosmos who has made everything in this universe.

In the end, it all depends on how you perceive this whole act and with what intention you perform through it.


Because its Lockdown

We all are locked down in our houses with really no idea when things will become normal. I am sure you must have spent a lot of time on social media, binge-watching NetFlix, endlessly scrolling Instagram and Facebook feeds, watching all your favorite movies, listening to all your favorite songs, and tried all those whats app forwarded tips and tricks but yet nothing seems to work.

The amount of stress which is unconsciously we are being exposed to can really bring u]our moods down to different levels of sadness even depression. Its been reported that 40% of the population is going through depression and most of which re not even aware of it.

Out of all the activities which you can try, especially during this lock down the most recommended have to be meditation. Meditation can act both as a firewall and an antivirus against all the negativity coming fro outside and the stress which is taking shape within.

Regular practice of meditation can not only bring emotional stability but can also eradicate stress and establish calmness in our life. Peace of mind comes automatically as we progress in our practice.

If you still have not tried meditation then there can never be any time better than this to try and make it a part of our daily routine and later on as a way of life.

These are just a handful of reasons to inspire you to start meditation. There are thousands of scientifically proven benefits which can take your life to next level of happiness.

No matter how much we talk about it its better to have a direct experience.

I hope you start meditating and start reaping the benefits of meditation in your life.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

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Thank you 

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    Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.

  2. Solucy says:

    So true ! Appointment with ourselves, well written. And meditation is so good and the more we practice the more we find easily the way to connect with ourselves. We can take better decisions…..

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    Very impactful article and worth every minute of reading!

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