A superpower that will make your life absolutely awesome

You will be shocked, or might not even agree if I tell you that almost all the conflict in the world, whether it’s between two nations, members of a family, between a couple, individuals with society, humans with God or an individual with his own mind is all because of this one thing. 

The majority of people fail to understand the importance of this simple yet most important act in our lives. The frequency at which it occurs is equivalent to breathing and that is the reason we never give it much importance. 

Don’t know what I am talking about?

Let’s look into this a little further.

We live in a world in which, if you closely observe everything, you are trying to connect with you, communicate with you. Let it be your mind, your thoughts, your actions, your life, your family, your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, your partner, the society, the government, the whole world. 

Everybody has their own hidden agenda, where they want to express themselves and want to get in touch with you for some reason.

It might sound a little crazy but even the nonliving things like trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, and even the pizza seem to communicate with you in their own secretive ways to draw your attention.

Just stop and observe, you will find that everybody is trying to tell you something, whether you asked for it or you didn’t at the same time nobody is ready to listen to anyone. Quite a strange thing isn’t it.

Still, confused?

I realized that this is one of the most important Life lessons especially for the generation to which we belong because the whole world seems to put their opinion forward and expects everybody else to accept it, whereas they themselves are not ready to accept what others say.

Do you know what I am talking about?


It’s quite a cliche but that’s how things are.

Listening to someone is not just a sensory exercise where we just hear some sounds we understand then we respond, but it’s a lot more than that. 

In fact, there is so much more to this simple sensory act that you will be surprised to know and will think how come all of this never came to your mind.


Listening is not hearing

To understand the importance of listening, you will have to first understand the difference between hearing and listening.

For a lot of people, listening means hearing. But there is a huge difference between these two.

While hearing is just a physiological phenomenon in which our ears receive a vibrational signal which we commonly identify as a sound, which is processed by our brain and interpreted by our mind and reported in the form of information.

This is hearing whereas listening is a whole different game altogether. 

You cannot just listen to someone if you are not putting your heart or at least your mind. I won’t even need to give you an example to explain this to you.

Just pick up two contrasting situations. One in which your boss is telling you something and in another where your beloved is telling you something.

The interest with which you listen to your boss is what I am referring to as hearing unless you are in love with your boss. That’s a different thing but generally, for most people, the boss is someone whom they don’t like and cannot ignore.

At the same time if it’s a call from a person you love whether it’s your mother, your girlfriend, life partner, or whoever. Your heart and mind both come in a state of harmony, and every word they speak flows through your ears like a symphony.

You not only listen but listen and also give importance to it.


Listening is caring

I won’t even need to go deep into the philosophy but if you have noticed you might have segregated a lot of important and important people in your life only based upon this one that how much time they give you when you have something to say.

In short how they listen to you, no matter what you are speaking whether that is logical or illogical, smart or stupid, rational or irrational, or completely stupid. What’s important is, if they have the willingness to listen to you or not.

The best example to understand, just take an example of any conversation with a friend. Why do most people prefer to talk to their friends than their family or colleagues? It’s because their friends listen to them without any conditions, even if what they speak is utter nonsense. 

Here the importance is not about the subject of what is spoken, but how much importance is given to the person who is speaking.


Listening is learning

What is the most important thing a person needs to learn something?

Just one thing. You can call it either attention, concentration, or focus.

It all means the same. 

Also, the process of learning requires a lot of engagement in our sensory perceptions especially watching and listening. 

Most of the knowledge we have gained in life is either seen or heard and if we have never seen or at least heard of something we never accept it as an effective piece of information at all. In simple words we reject it.

If you go back to your college days and remember, there must be some lecturers who you used to listen carefully and you scored really well in those subjects and the ones whom you didn’t listen carefully, you had to struggle in those subjects.

When we listen carefully we are not only hearing something but also silently upgrading our data with new information which we apply in our life to become a better person and also upgrade the quality of life.


Listening is a superpower

If you ask me, listening is nothing less than a secretive superpower for human beings.

Those who know what I am talking about must be knowing its importance. For the ones who don’t know, it might sound strange because the only superpowers we are aware of are, flying, getting invisible, sticking to the walls, traveling in time, throwing flames from the hand, and all those superhero things they do in movies.

That’s what makes listening to a secret superpower that we all possess. 

In a 24 hour day, we meet so many people and everybody has something to say something to share. Everybody carries an opinion about almost everything and in our encounter, we usually share our thoughts and feelings along with.

If somebody listens to you carefully it for sure means that they care about you and if they don’t then you know what it means.

This is just one of the reasons why I speak of it as a superpower.


To be happy, Listen to yourself

Out of all the points that I have mentioned in this article considered this one the most important one because if you are not able to listen to others with patience,  that is ok. If others are not listening to you, that is their problem, that is also ok.

But there can never be a bigger disaster for you if you fail to listen to your own inner voice and by an inner voice, I do not mean the constant chatter of the mind which goes on 24/7, even when you are sleeping.

Most of us are always influenced by our environment, family, friends, celebrities, etc. The society in which we have grown up systematically taught us to put others first and ourselves second, which according to me is the biggest reason why many of us are not happy with our lives.

The reason is, most of our decisions are not based upon what we want but what others want us to do and in a way, we disrespect our own selves by not listening to our own voice.

By the inner voice,  I mean the feeling which you sometimes get when your mind is settled and calm, your thoughts are at rest and there is no fluctuation anywhere.

It will be really hard to explain in words what the inner voice exactly is, but I am sure you might have felt it sometimes.

Sadly for most of the people recognizing the inner voice never happens, because it gets suppressed by the loud chatter of the mind.

Listening to your own true self can really help you look at the things which you actually need to stay happy in life because most of the time we are stuck with what our mind.

So, if you want to be happy it’s imperative for you to listen to yourself, and again I will remind you that by yourself, I do not mean your mind.

To listen to your own self will not happen if you have not given enough time to this process, and you can develop this habit of listening by patiently listening to others.

These are just a few special things about the most underestimated human capability. If you ask me I can write a whole book on this topic.

If only we can develop the patience to listen to others, we can not only become a better person and lead a happy life but also we can make this whole world a wonderful place to live where everybody is given right importance, value and chance to be spoken and being heard.

I hope this article inspired you to take some action and imbibe the habit of listening in your life.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

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Thank you 

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