7 things you need to know to overcome writer’s block

There are some “mysteries” incorporated with certain jobs that only people associated with that field come across. The nature of these mysteries is such that no matter how much we enquire outside, answers are never satisfying. These mysteries demand an investigation on a personal level.

One of these mysteries is a “WRITER’S BLOCK”, which is only prevalent to writers, no matter what genre of writing they’re into.

Just like people who don’t write, even I was completely unaware of this mind-boggling situation where the mind suddenly stops working, and even though you desperately want to write something, you simply can not. Just like those malfunction errors that pop up in our computer sometimes.

If you are a writer then I don’t even need to tell you what I am talking about. You must have faced it so many times that sometimes it feels natural to get stuck to come up with great content. 

Just like the great author, Napoleon Hill said – Every problem comes with an equal or greater opportunity. You can utilize this opportunity to improve your skills as a writer and also a person.

It’s not that I do not come across writer’s block but here are some things that always help me to overcome writer’s block like a pro.


Become a detective

By becoming a detective I do not mean you should grab a magnifying glass in your hand, put a pipe in your mouth and run out of your house to find clues, but to invoke the inner detective you have. 

What do detectives do anyway?

They investigate the cases they are given, right?

So, just like that, you should also look for the reasons.

What is actually blocking you from writing?

  • Is it outside?
  • Is it inside?
  • Is it in the environment?
  • Is it in the topic?
  • Is it for some technical reason?

Or, whatever may be the reason, just look at all the possible circumstances which are not allowing you to finish up the piece of writing you’ve taken up and once you find the main reason. Look out for a solution and work it out.



Take out the Trash

Not sometimes, many times we have accumulated so much trash thoughts and beliefs from our environments that we don’t even realize that it is silently affecting everything in our life. From our health to our personal life, to our work, almost everything. 

The mental trash that our mind unconsciously picks up, thinking that it’s a piece of precious information that we might need someday, actually blocks the free flow of our thoughts and stops new creative ideas to appear in the screens of our mind.

In that case, all you need to do is just take a pen and a copy, and write down all the shitty ideas that are blocking the creative flow of thoughts, get them out of paper.

I can assure you will not only feel light in your head but will also see a fresh stream of creative thoughts coming up.


Check your prep

Have you ever noticed when we have to go to a party, we take our own time to dress up to look our best. The right dress, with the right perfume, right makeup, shoes, etc. 

What we do is actually called “Preparation“.

Just like we do preparation for examinations, interviews, blind dates, office presentations, or whatever purpose, if we can do a little preparation before writing, we will have fewer chances of facing a writer’s block.

In case we are prepared and still, we get stuck, we can just simply do a cross-check and see where we are getting stuck and work on it.

If you can inculcate a habit of preparing before you write, it will not help you to avoid getting stuck but will also help you to organize your content systematically.


Stop being Mr. Perfectionist

It’s quite a natural thing for a writer to sometimes get obsessed with the idea of becoming a perfectionist and coming up with something which will be considered as a masterpiece and given a place in the hall of fame. Every writer in their mind wants to become a William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Rabindranath Tagore, Paulo Coelho, J.K.Rowling, but it doesn’t always work like that in reality always.

To come up with one great piece of writing sometimes we have to write 100 below standard ones and that’s how the process is.

We cannot make everything perfect, we are humans, not GOD.

So, if we can hold our horses and give ourselves some liberty to make mistakes and not chase perfectionism, we can at least finish up the writings we abandoned just because we wanted them to be perfect.


Take a break

Have you ever seen a car’s engine bursting out smoke when it has been driven more than its capacity?

It happens with our mind too, the only thing is there is no smoke.

We all override our thinking process to such an extent that it sometimes needs a break just to cool down and begin again.

Without any doubt, this is the best thing you can or must do whenever you find yourself in a writer’s block.

Just grab a cup of coffee, take a walk in nature, listen to some music, talk with a friend, watch a short movie or cartoon, or just do whatever helps you to de-stress yourself and give your mind a small break.

This will not only give rest to your brain but will also allow a fresh stream of thoughts to appear in mind.


Keep a deadline

The purpose of keeping a deadline is not to make you panic to finish the writing under a certain time period but to give you a frame of time which you must keep as a marker under which you should finish up this writing because sometimes we get lost in our own dream world and take up a too long time to finish just one article.

Unless it’s a professional job at your office where you have to submit something under a time limit, don’t take this deadline too seriously.

If you kept a three-day window to finish up an article and you were not able to finish it. Do not punish yourself, do not panic, take it easy.

Just consciously ask yourself how much more time you need and make sure you’re serious about this deadline and finish the task under this time limit.


Jump over the topic

This is not at all advisable to skip writing an article because if you develop a habit of jumping over articles, one day you will be standing over a heap of unfinished write-ups and won’t be able to finish even one.

Take this step as an emergency protocol. In case you are stuck at a topic upon which your mind has stopped responding unapologetically and there is no other option you see.

Just put this article aside for some time, at a place where it’s in your sight but kept on hold. Then take up something which you feel more inclined to write, finish  it up, and then come back to the one you kept on hold.

In short, keep it simple.

These are some simple ways that I have tried and tested, in which you can overcome writers block. You can and you should experiment more by yourself, who knows you can come up with even better ideas to overcome this issue and help others as well.

I will be really glad to hear from you if you try some of the tricks mentioned in this article and tell me if it worked for you.

I hope this article inspired you in some way and also helped you to take some action to overcome your writer’s block.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Be Inspired

PS: I really want to thank https://unsplash.com/ and https://www.pexels.com/ for providing us with a gigantic collection of beautiful high definition images that anybody can download for free without worrying about any copyright issue. It’s such a blessing for all bloggers and content creators.

Thank you 

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