You Must Know Who Is Controlling Your Life Secretly


PS – Some of you might feel this article is a little lengthy, so go ahead at your own risk. If you understood the quote written above to its true value then there is no need to read the full article. If you’re a curious one like me, then go ahead.

Everything that is a part of your life will have no meaning if this one thing is not active. This might be an invisible thing but the area of impact of this tiny invisible thing in everyone’s life is so deep, that we never even realize its presence. This thing secretly reminds you, stops you, guides you, scares you, warns you, and also controls you.

Do you know what I am talking about?

It’s the “VOICE” in your head.

Chances are that some of you might have heard about it but never noticed or gave any thought about or you might not have even heard about its existence or the role that it plays in our lives.

One of the reasons why we are not aware of this is that the involvement of this voice is so frequent that we never realize that it is separate from us. We never think of it as something else but our own voice and that is why we fail to crosscheck –

  • What is the source of this voice?
  • From where it is coming? 
  • Why does it keep going on and on? 
  • Why does it never stop speaking? 
  • What is its purpose? and 
  • Why the hell is it inside our head at all?

The presence of this voice is so strong in our life that if you can take a look at it, at first it will surprise you then it can shock you and if you dig a little further it can scare you.

You might not even be aware of who is reading this blog?

Is it you reading the blog or it is this voice in your head that is giving you the narration?

Have you ever thought about it?

You are not speaking, still you are listening.

Now if you suddenly got aware of this voice you might be thinking that this is my voice which is speaking.

Then let me suggest a small experiment you can do right here right now.

2 + 2 = what.

Even before I asked you what the answer was, the voice had already told you that the answer is 4.

Just take a moment and think about it, if the voice was giving the narration then who was calculating?

It was your mind who was doing the calculation and this voice like a loudspeaker was only narrating what had been calculated by the mind.

Let me tell you one more thing the answer to my question was not 2, it was WHAT, which I had mentioned there itself. That statement doesn’t have any question marks.

If you go up and read, I didn’t ask you any questions only. I just quoted that 2 + 2 = what.

As per the statement, the answer was already mentioned, but since the mind is obligated to its functions, it calculated and the voice did the narration.

This is Just a small example to tell you that the voice is not your mind or maybe it is.

You might be thinking what kind of confusion is this?

So, for the time being, we will not be getting into this argument and I will leave it up to you to decide.

The point here is to surpass the entrapment of the mind and the suggestions of this voice.

To understand this better, let’s take an example from a normal day.

At your home when your mother calls you, you clearly know that the source of this voice is your mother. It means you are the listener and your mother is this speaker. There is a distinction between the speaker and the listener and they are both different.

You might be thinking that when I speak and I listen then understand it like this that the mouth speaks and you listen and it’s processed by the mind.

Again there is one source from which the voice comes which is received by another.

In the process of listening, there are two people who participate, one is speaking and another is listening.

Let’s get back to our topic if I ask you, if you are the listener of the voices in your head then who is this speaker and if you are the speaker then who is the listener?

I will recommend you to leave this discussion here only because these are some questions which can make your life hell and your mind will go bonkers, so we are not going to get into it.

In fact, it is my personal suggestion for you to stay away from it and if you feel like inquiring then do it all by yourself without discussing it with anyone.

If you strongly feel like inquiring about it then you can refer to some books or ask some enlightened person and nobody else.

Now we are clear that there is a voice in overhead about which we have very less or no information but yet it has been a part of our life from such a long time being that we never even realized its presence and the role it was playing in our life.

For now, the thing that is important for us is that this voice is not always wrong or bad or acts like our enemy, many times it’s helpful, supportive, affectionate, motivating, and also inspiring.

You might be thinking what is the purpose of discussing so much about this??

If your experience is pleasant and you are happy with your life then it’s fine but in case if your experience is not pleasant then you must look at it.


The main reason behind discussing all of this is just to make you aware that no matter what kind of experience you are having in life, it is directly and deeply connected to this voice.

If you look at it you will find there are two types of voices :

1. The voices were trying to keep you locked inside

2. The voices that want to set you free.

The importance of this voice is directly connected to the quality of our lives and also to our happiness.


Let me explain

No matter what type of experience we are having right now, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant it is all a result of all the actions that we took in the past. All these decisions were suggested to you by this voice only.

This voice is not only telling you what to do and what not but it is very cleverly controlling your actions as well as your decisions.

I am sure there is another voice that comes in between to push you to do something new, try something new, come out of your comfort zone, and explore but a dominant voice always overpowers and you never take any action.

Chances are we’ll still be under the influence of this invisible entity secretly controlling our lives, and we don’t even know.

The only way to get over this is to recognize it, stop taking its suggestions, and taking our own time to decide if the voice is trying to top us or holding us back.

I hope this article helped to understand a little how this voice is playing a very important role in our life by sending us constant suggestions about what we should do and what we should not and if we are not aware of it.

Stay tuned with us, because soon we will be posting a article on these two voices.


Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Stay Inspired

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