How Secretly Social media is destroying your life

Humans are known for their tendencies to overuse and even abuse the things that were given to make their life comfortable and bring them happiness.

Just like nuclear power which was meant to provide us with the necessary supply of energy but some obnoxious minds made bombs out of it and since then the entire world is standing on the verge of war.

It’s the same as what happened with social media as well. It was supposed to be a platform to connect us but sadly it has left people more disconnected than ever.

Even though we have so many ways in which we can connect to anybody, anytime in any part of this planet, people are getting distanced from the real world and getting involved in this endless dimension called the internet.

The way this whole web is designed, not only plays with our senses but also plays with our emotions, feelings, habits, and our minds. Almost all the popular social media platforms hire the best of the professionals dealing with human psychology and neurosciences to help them create their algorithms and interface in such a way that the users get more and more attached to these platforms without their knowledge.

The majority of the users are not even aware of how these platforms are playing with their minds and how it is affecting their lives.

This article is just a short description of how social media is actually influencing our lives.

It keeps you locked

Sometimes we are so indulged in our social media interactions that we never realize the amount of time that we are spending on scrolling news feeds on different platforms and we forget that a real-world exists where we can experience all those things that we virtually see on screens.

A lot of people don’t even know when and how to get locked into the trap unconsciously becomes a part of their daily routine and start swallowing a major chunk of the time and their energy.

You yourself might have noticed it many times that a notification popup on your mobile screen with sound and you opened that particular app,  you check the word that notification was about and then started scrolling the news feed and after some time you totally forget about the work that you were doing and then suddenly you realize that it’s been 10 15 20 sometimes half an hour went just like that. 

Makes you addicted

Have you ever found yourself checking your smart phone without any purpose?

Have you ever found yourself scrolling social media feeds without even knowing what you are looking for?

have you ever lost track of time while watching something on your smart phone?

My friend it simply means you are addicted too.

Whenever we hear the words addiction the only things that come in our mind are cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. Our minds are so conditioned to think linear that 

Once a piece of information gets inside our mind we never think of updating it.

Social media has become the new definition of addiction which sadly most of us don’t even realize. Addiction isn’t only about substance but it’s about the things which lead to addictive habits which leads to compulsive behaviors which takes an enormous amount of effort to be altered.

Social media does the same but in a different way. It makes you feel as if you are not being active than you are losing on something and as soon as you start spending the time it takes over your mind and you don’t realize that you have simply lost control over your actions over a period of time.

It creates the same cravings as smoking, drinking, or drugs but since it is not visible directly we do not acknowledge it and when we do not spend time on social media we start feeling as if we are losing something on life, popularly known as FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT).

Affects your health

Now it has been scientifically proven that spending too much time on social media not only affects our physical health but also our mental and emotional health.

In recent researches, social media has not only proven to cause unhappiness but also brings huge amounts of negativity and stress which affect our health indirectly.

Spending too much time in front of screens has been the major cause of disturbance in the circadian rhythm which affects our sleep. One of the biggest reasons why insomnia has become so common, especially in youngsters, is social media.

The rise of social media is also a leading cause of sedentary lifestyles among people which means people are more inclined to spend time sitting in front of screens and not doing much physical activity which is giving birth to so many mental and physical disorders.

Overdose of misleading information

I don’t know if you have ever observed the number of results that come up when we search for something online. Just type anything on the search engine and it will throw up so much data in front of you that if you just check the first few options you will lose a great amount of time.

The amount of information that uninterruptedly circles on social media is so much that it’s almost impossible for us to check its authenticity and its credibility.

One article says you should take a cold water bath, just the next one tells you not to and the amount of information is so misleading that we often lose track and end up being more confused.

Deadly Race for approval

Humans have always been known for their social behavior and one of the most important factors affecting our social interactions is our approval. 

Social media has unconsciously given a boost to our insecurities in such a way that now everything that we do in life has to be put on social media and has to be approved by people in the form of likes, dislikes, shares, etc.

Many of us still do not give a damn about how many likes and can enjoy a pizza without even posting its picture on social media but still, there is a huge amount of population especially the young generation which wants to show everybody how cool their life is.

It has become imperative to put everything on social media like we need the whole world to know –

  • See I got a new phone
  • See My new picture
  • See I am watching this movie
  • See I am enjoying dinner with 20 others
  • See I am traveling to this country
  • See my tire got a puncture

And such type of approval list can just go on and on. 

Such behavior has become so compulsive in our lifestyles that a lot of people can’t do anything without putting it up on social media and if it was just about it that’s fine too but after people put something on social media people wait for likes, comments and shares as if the whole activity which they did will hold no importance if it as not socially validated by people.

We have become so obsessed with showing the whole world the pictures of the sunset we enjoyed that we actually forgot to enjoy the sunset.

Stealing your happiness

While reading this article you must be thinking that it’s not me about whom this whole article is meant to but for those people who are obsessed with social media and spend hours and hours of time so let me tell you WE ARE ALL INTO THIS TOGETHER.

I am not saying it’s just you and me but almost everybody who is on social media who thinks like that and it’s not our fault because after so many years of constant interaction with this platform things have become so normal for us that now we don’t even realize that they are actually happening.

Daily social media smartly steals your happiness but in bits and pieces. We don’t even realize how a trending topic finds its way on our account and starts affecting our minds. Sometimes it appears on our news feed, sometimes a pop-up appears, sometimes a friend sends or tags us in a post or majority of the time there is a wave of the trending topic which takes us over.

Just like the suicide of a popular celebrity or the death of a pregnant elephant.

This is just one way it happens, there can be other reasons to like jealousy from a friend’s post, anger because of some news, hatred because of somebody’s comment, etc.

We don’t even realize when, where, and how social media plays with our emotional triggers and take-ups to a negative trip and we feel heaviness without even realizing the real cause behind it.

Disconnects from the real world

This is the most disastrous thing that social media does that we think that it connects us to people but it disconnects us with our family, friends, colleagues, and even ourselves.

You must have seen people watching videos of food, travel, parties and so many things that they can actually experience but they choose to watch it over the internet.

Social media was supposed to be a platform for connecting us but unfortunately, it has become one of the biggest prisons for our minds, and sadly most of us aren’t even aware of it.

The whole point of writing this article was to make you aware of the consequences of social media and how it has taken over our lives.

Until I see you next time, make sure you take very good care of yourselves and your family. 

Stay safe and Stay Inspired

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